Midnight, Texas Review: Unearthed

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Well, let’s just say that the drama carries over this week on Midnight, Texas and tonight is ALL about the daddy issues. Being the fantastic show that it is though, those daddy issues are wrapped up in some bad ass action scenes, with dramatic moments and just the right amount of laughs to tide us over. Well done Midnighters, tonight not only was a rocking episode but I think could be my favorite yet. Plus, we all know that huge, scary evil things are on their way, so the more bonded this town is, the better.

MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “Unearthed” Episode 105 — Pictured: (l-r) Dylan Bruce as Bobo, Francois Arnaud as Manfred, Sarah Ramos as Creek — (Photo by: NBC)

For those of us whooping at the Fiji/Bobo kiss from last week, we gotta hold the horses a bit on that front. Because “Unearthed” brings us a much deeper understanding of where Bobo really comes from and you’re not gonna like it. After having what I presume was a wonderful evening with Fiji, those pesky Sons of Lucifer end up dirty bombing his pawn shop in the early morning. He takes off running to handle that issue, leaving Fiji to be kidnapped, unbeknownst to the rest of the town. They get the fire put out, but he immediately receives a phone call saying that if he wants to see Fiji again he needs to bring those crazy supremacists all the guns and money, to which he flat out agrees to. Turns out, Bobo’s family is pretty well known and high up in the white supremacist world. On his way out, to piss off his family, he stole a bunch of money, guns, and ammo and has it all hidden in a cache. Somehow the Sons of Lucifer found out who he was and this has been their plan all along. Damn Bobo, I mean it’s good you walked away from your crazy family and don’t support those values. But did you have to hide it from your best friend Fiji? Because now everything is just all kinds of awkward.

Don’t worry though, Bobo doesn’t get ALL the fun. Manfred has some demons to face this week as well, in the form of Hightower. He receives a random jack-in-the-box toy on his doorstep, filled with what I assume is Hightower and a note requesting they meet. And ooh boy is Manfred’s backstory a good one. Turns out he and Zylda conned the man together, swindled him out of 100 grand! Hightower is crazy enough to have sacrificed one of his eyes to be given one small gift of power, he is power hungry to get the mystical bloodline back into his family tree. So the whole swindling gig, also included Manfred marrying his daughter Violet. Problem is Xylda got the money right before the wedding, so they both bounced and he ended up leaving her at the alter. She unfortunately killed herself a few days later, so Hightower’s debt goes far deeper than monetary value.

Image Credit: NBC

Creek isn’t fully aware of Manfred’s situation yet, just that he’s in one. And she enlists Olivia to help him out. Manfred sells a bunch of old family jewels to Bobo, who like a good pal should, doesn’t ask questions about why he needs the money and even offers him a pistol as well. Olivia shows up at the meeting location where Hightower gets the better of them both. They need a plan B. So Hightower chained up where Lem was held prisoner a few weeks back seems like the perfect fit! Manfred is able and willing to settle the money with Hightower, but Hightower wants more. He’s even carting around the corpse of his dead daughter for crying out loud. Manfred offers to speak with her, to offer closure for them both. He really does want to try and do the right thing here. He’s tired of running, he wants to man up and handle this so he can get on with his life. Hopefully a life that includes Creek.

Image Credit: NBC

MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “Unearthed” Episode 105 — Pictured: (l-r) Francois Arnaud as Manfred, Christopher Heyerdahl as Hightower — (Photo by: NBC)

Manfred and Violet end up having quite the interesting conversation and she takes over his body to address her father directly. Manfred wasn’t getting quite to her point, and she wasn’t having it. After telling her father off for being a terrible dad, she tries to kill him using Manfred’s body. He’s able to put a stop to that, making a comment about how he’s tired of people dying over this. And in that moment, he really is very genuine. Violet took her life, his grandmother got sick immediately after the con finished and now Hightower. At some point, enough has to be enough, and Manfred really is trying to do the best he can for this crappy situation. Unfortunately, Hightower isn’t able to handle his grief properly and ends up killing himself anyway. But hey, it wasn’t exactly at Manfred’s hand that it happened, so that makes it better?

I’m gonna say it right now, Lem and Olivia are the heroes of this episode. Olivia with her bad ass skills helping Manfred out of his situation. And Lem refuses to let Bobo take on the Sons of Lucifer alone, helping to save both Fiji and Bobo. Turns out they’ve drugged Fiji and she won’t be able to magic her way out of this predicament. She’s also under-ground slowly losing air and eventually will die down there, if Bobo comes or not. He of course is good on his word, bringing all the guns and ammo these maniacs could possibly want. But Lem is pretty sneaky and they’re too stupid to realize Bobo didn’t come alone. Though Bobo gets himself tossed in the underground death trap with Fiji, Lem takes out basically the entirety of the Sons of Lucifer on his own. He takes a shit ton of bullets doing it and boy is Olivia mad at him for risking his life like that, but without Lem, Fiji and Bobo would be gone.

MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “Unearthed” Episode 105 — Pictured: Peter Mensah as Lemuel — (Photo by: John Golden Britt/NBC)

Fiji is able to pull the remainder of the air into a little bubble for herself and Bobo. But at this point she’s just learned who Bobo’s family truly is and that they were responsible for deaths and bombing of churches. Not good stuff to be mixed up in. Bobo wants to explain his side of the story, but they’re running out of air so instead they just share this amazing bubble of air (bad ass job Fiji) in awkward silence. Le of course comes through and Bobo is able to kill the leader of the cult before using a grenade to take out all the guns/ammo he just dropped off there. Local PD is gonna have one hell of a scene to go through after that mess. At least everyone is alive, but all are significantly more damaged than when this adventure started.

MIDNIGHT, TEXAS — “Unearthed” Episode 105 — Pictured: (l-r) Dylan Bruce as Bobo, Parisa Fitz-Henley as Fiji — (Photo by: NBC)

Image Credit: NBC

So, with all the daddy issues coming forth, what is left for the Midnighters? Well, Creek finally told her daddy that she’s an adult, can do what she wants, and is dating Manfred. Which I’m sure he is just all too thrilled with. But at least this week Creek made the jump from seeming more cold to seeming that she really does want Manfred around. Yeah she was hurt that he didn’t tell her about his past, but she also saw him trying to put things right. Olivia and Lem will continue on their bad ass path, I have no doubts about that. She might be annoyed that he almost got himself killed, again. And that he failed to tell her Fiji was being held hostage, but she’s gotta take that up with Bobo. Worse for the ware is Fiji, who clearly is very torn over Bobo. She thought that she knew him, and she still does, but doesn’t. Which could take some time to process. With the crack between hell and Midnight weakening, she might not get all the time she needs before the team has to pull together again. Evil is coming for Midnight…

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