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Salvation: Chip Off the Ol’ Block Review

There is no rest for the weary on Salvation: Chip Off the Ol’ Block. Things are about to take a turn for the worse and even though our saviors are doing their best to make things right, things may not go well for them. We see that Liam is the first of our friends to really struggle in this episode.

Liam had a horrible night, being kidnapped and finding out that Professor Croft was the mole. Then, he ends up shooting Croft in order to save himself. Liam believes that Croft is dead, although I have my doubts. Honestly, when has a bad guy every gone down the first time around? If he was really dead, why did the Russians take his body? There would be no point in that unless he is alive! Yet, there is no rest for the distraught boy. He is off to break in and steal a piece of a very special meteor. Yet, unbeknownst to Liam, this mission will be nothing compared to what he will face when he returns home.

Liam fascinated by a peace of meteor. Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

Liam fascinated by a piece of meteor. Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

What The Bloody Shirt!

Jillian finally confronts Liam after she finds his shirt covered in blood. Ok, rule number one of being in a secret group: dispose of your dirty laundry. Throw that crap away! Why on earth would you keep your blood soaked shirt? Liam has no other option, but to tell her the truth. You know the saying, “Mind Blown”, well that is exactly what just happened to Jillian. She is devastated and I honestly can’t blame her. Liam was not only keeping a huge secret from her, but he also wasn’t giving her the choice of how she wanted to live the rest of her days out. The lesson to take away from this episode: lying will always come back around and slap you in the face.

I just want to point out, that Amanda does not have Jillian’s best interest at heart. Amanda wants the juiciest story she can get her hands on and she has found a way to do it, using Jillian. It is getting frustrating seeing Amanda use people. Apparently, the car didn’t hit her hard enough, she still only cares about her big story.

Covert Ops

I loved having Harris join Darius, Liam, and Grace on an off the books covert ops. Dressed in black and looking mighty fine, if I do say so myself. Of course, the op goes a little south when unannounced enemies come their way. Harris is in his element though, having no problem disarming the enemy. Breaking the rules and kicking ass, sure does look good on you Harris!

Harris on a black ops mission. Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

Harris on a black ops mission. Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

One of the things I love about Grace is that she is full of surprises. She a single mom, who works hard to provide a better future for her daughter. Oh, and let’s not forget, she has connections that will put her in the middle of a black ops mission. Who is this fantastic woman? Grace, please tell me how you do it! I can’t wait to see more of Grace and to discover what other surprises she has up her sleeve.

The Love Triangle

At the end of the episode, we see a little love triangle starting to form between Darius, Grace, and Harris. After the dangerous mission, Harris and Grace embrace for a long kiss. They admit that being a part is not working for them anymore. The look on Darius’ face, pure heartbreak. You are making the wrong choice Grace! Grace, you know you want Darius. Harris and Grace have been a very cute couple, but come one, she totally has a thing for Darius!

Darius coming to Grace for help. Photo Credit:CBS Press Express

Darius coming to Grace for help. Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

Salvation: Chip Off the Ol’ Block was action packed from start to finish. Liam and Darius suffered from some sort of heartbreak. Will Jillian be able to forgive Liam for keeping such a huge secret from her? Can their love survive? Grace hinted that there could be a World War 3 and at the end of the episode, things were heading that way. Is there any chance of stopping World War 3? Did our saviors just doom the world before the asteroid even arrives? More importantly, when are Darius and Grace going to hook up? Come on, you know you are all wondering the same thing! Things are really starting to heat up and it looks like some of our saviors may not make it out unscathed.

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