Chip Off the Ol' Block Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

Salvation – Chip Off the Ol’ Block Preview

This week on Salvation: Chip Off the Ol’ Block, the team sets out to find another way to save the human race. With the EMDrive and all the project information in the hands of the Russians, time is running out. They must join together in order to take on a risky mission, that just might help save them from doom.

Chip off the Ol’ Block has Darius asking Grace, Liam, and Harris, to help him steal something. Is it the EMDrive? Or is it this giant rock that his uncle has? Whatever it is, they team up to risk everything, for the slim chance that this will help them save the world. My, oh, my, look who I spy being a bad boy. Is that Harris himself, helping Liam steal a piece of the rock? Seems he finally came to his senses and joined the right team!

Harris and Liam on a secret mission. Chip Off the Ol' Block. Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

Harris and Liam on a secret mission in Chip Off the Ol’ Block. Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

In the previous episode, we saw Jillian really start to question where Liam was always running off to. I am surprised that she is only now wondering why he is keeping so many secrets about his work. I have a hunch that she is not going to back down until she get’s some answers from Liam. Will he tell her the truth or continue to tell her lies? So far he hasn’t broken down, but there is only so much lying a person can do. Just give in Liam, you know you want to!

Tensions are high and everyone is having to make hard decisions about the future. The time is running out and it looks like our friends are taking things to the next level. There is no more time to play nicely with others, it is time to get things done, whatever the cost. Come join me in watching this weeks episode of Salvation, as our saviors risk everything in order to save the world. For now, enjoy this taste of what is yet to come!

Official Synopsis and Preview of Chip Off the Ol’ Block


Darius recruits Grace, Harris and Liam for a dangerous mission, and Jillian confronts Liam about his secret.


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