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Salvation: Seeing Red/ From Russia, With Love – Preview

Wednesday’s episodes of Salvation is going to be taking us on a trip to Russia. Yet, not everyone is invited.  With Russia becoming a huge threat towards the United States, Grace and Darius sneak off, in the hopes of stopping World War 3. Guess who’s not invited? Yep, poor Harris is left out of the loop. Interesting how Grace will run off with Darius whenever he calls on her.

Last week’s episode gave us a glimmer of hope for the relationship between Harris and Grace. They decided that they couldn’t live without each other and wanted things to change. Well, things are definitely about to change on Seeing Red and From Russia, With Love. The heat may be rising, but it just may not be with those two. While off on another secret mission, sparks seem to be flying between Grace and Darius. Although let’s be honest, sparks have been going off between these two since the first day they met! Personally, I am all for Grace and Darius hooking up. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy watching a love triangle go up in flames?

Grace and Darius getting very close. Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

Grace and Darius getting very close. Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

Time is running out for our saviors and so far they are no closer to stopping the asteroid. There is constant issues arising that creates set backs for the team. Which, of course, only adds to this intense thriller. The last few episodes have been full of drama and action. The show has really picked up the pace and I love it! This weeks episodes have me tingling with excitement.

That is all, for now, friends, but don’t forget to watch the back-to-back episodes Wednesday on CBS at 9/8c. While we wait, let’s ponder Grace’s dilemma: “To drink or not to drink…”.

Official Synopsis

Grace and Darius slip off to Russia behind Harris’s back in an attempt to stop a potential nuclear conflict. Also, Liam seeks solace in Amanda. Framed for murder, Darius and Grace must try to escape from Russia, and Liam tries to convince Jillian to come back to Tanz.

Check out these sites for more information about Salvation and tune in Wednesday on CBS at 9/8c for another intense episode.

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