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Salvation: Seeing Red/ From Russia, With Love – Review

Last night’s back-to-back episodes of Salvation were off the chart! I have no idea where to begin because it was all so deliciously fun. Alright, let’s just delve right in and relish in all the goodness Salvation offered.

So, we see Darius and Grace race off to Russia in hopes of stopping a potential nuclear disaster. Grace has a friend over there that she feels will be able to help them. Things start off smoothly, with her friend being able to set a meeting up with one of Russia’s Government officials. Awesome, right? Yeah, not when they try to blow Grace and Darius up with a car bomb! To add to the intensity, Grace’s friend ends up dead, in their hotel room. Holy crap! Honestly, the drama just keeps on rolling. Their best bet is to try to sneak out of the country under false identities. Not gonna lie, Grace is looking good in all black.

Using secret identities, in order to escape from Russia. Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

Using secret identities, in order to escape from Russia. Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

Well, sneaking out of the country didn’t work. Instead, the are taken into captivity. While Darius and Grace were being held captive, they were given some type of truth serum. It made them very loopy and it was fantastic. Seeing Grace a little toasted was quite epic. Then, the moment we were all waiting for finally happened, Grace and Darius had their first kiss! Oh and how glorious it was. It was about damn time too, the tension between the two of them was ridiculous.

Sparks are flying between Darius and Grace. Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

Sparks are flying between Darius and Grace. Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

Guess who is still alive?? Professor Croft! I don’t wanna toot my own horn but, I totally knew it. Traitorous slime bags like Croft never die the first time around. Granted, he is the one who convince the Russian Official to keep Grace and Darius alive. Yet, that is really the only good thing he has done. Like a weasel he tries to justify what he did, but Darius was not having any of his garbage. Although, it looks like Croft may have finally been sent to his death, when the head boss gives a nod to his goons. It may finally be the end of Croft. Who knows though, the guy is full of surprises.

We finally find out what Atlas is and why Russia is out for retribution. Turns out, America is the bad guy! That’s right folks, America’s government did something wrong and is doing everything it can to keep it hidden. The Government used a piece of TANZ technology, which was done without Darius’ knowledge. They sent it up to space and instead of preventing a disaster, it caused an asteroid to land in part of Russia. It was hugely devastating to the country. So, yeah, I can definitely see where Russia might want some revenge for that. Nice going America!

Darius and Grace learning the truth about Atlas. Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

Darius and Grace learning the truth about Atlas. Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

Now, Harris has been reeling from all the revelations he has been having about Grace. He has discovered all of her little secrets she has been keeping from him. Why, Grace, are you missing an earring? Yeah, because that wasn’t going to come up again! How does he take it? Well, he arrests her and then has hot, bathroom sex with a bartender. Yeah, I think he was dealing with the whole situation very well. You may be hot, but you are acting like a sleaze ball right now, Harris.

Speaking of Harris, I bet you don’t remember his son, Dylan. I sure as hell didn’t and when he turned out to be the leader of the Resyst group, I was in pure shock. Mind blown! This show just kept throwing us for one loop after another. So here we have Harris, who follows the rules set by the Government and does what he is told. Then there is his son, who does not want to be controlled and thinks the world deserves to know what the Government is up to. I can’t wait for Harris to find out what his son has been up to. He is legitimately going to freak out! Hope it is an epic blowup, Salvation writers.

One of my favorite moments last night was in Salvation: From Russia, With Love. Harris has taken Grace into custody and is going off on her about all the lies she has told him. Darius has been informed about what is happening and storms into the Pentagon. He puts the smack down on Harris and it was glorious! Best Darius moment was when he was demanding Harris release Grace, ” You have ten minutes before I go nuclear.” Yeah baby! Darius is not playing around. Harris was smart enough to release her, otherwise, I am pretty sure Darius would have kicked his ass.

Seeing Red and From Russia, With Love, really put Salvation in a whole new ball game. I swear, my emotions were a hot mess at the very end. It was the best feeling ever. The writers of Salvation did a phenomenal job on last night’s episodes. They really stepped up their game and made me hate them for having the episode end. I can not wait for next week’s episode. You would be a fool to miss it!


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