Salvation: Grace Finds Trouble In Return From Moscow – Preview

Now that the Russians and Americans have seemingly found a way to stop the sword-rattling and work together to try and keep earth safe (thanks Grace and Darius), the question heading into this week’s episode is – how’s that all going to work out? You might find the answers a bit surprising. Episode 109, “Patriot Games,” offers a look inside just how hard it will be for both sides to play nice.

Grace and Darius, the heroes of the moment for brokering  the peace deal between the two sides, and for finally giving us clarity on what Atlas was, are home and safe – or so we think.

Turns out that moments after the pair share a touching goodbye at Grace’s home, the lights go off and we see a sinister pair of feet step from the shadows. There’s deadly danger afoot and Grace is the target, it turns out. How much danger is she in and from whom? Those are the immediate questions that we hope to see answers to in this week’s episode. It seems that amidst the hope for survival, there are still those looking to keep things quiet. But who? Harris? Potus? Some combination of players we haven’t yet guessed at? Stay tuned.

“Patriot Games” – Grace narrowly escapes a deadly assassin and Darius and Liam forge unlikely alliances, on SALVATION, Wednesday, August 23 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT). Pictured: Santiago Cabrera, Jennifer Finnigan. Photo: Ben Mark Holzberg/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved

But there are other questions to ponder. What will happen with Liam and Jillian’s on-again, off-again, now on-again romance now that she’s back in the fold at Tanz Industries? And what about Harris, who was last seen having angry revenge sex with the hot bartender in the pub’s bathroom? How compromised is his relationship with Grace? Yes, there seems to be romance in the air on Salvation, but as usual things get more complicated — and quickly.

The Americans and Russians will now try to pull together in the same direction to keep that meteor from annihilating humanity, but as this show has proven time and again, political intrigue and dogged self-interest have a fun way of gumming up the works. This week’s episode offers us more of the same as the countdown to extermination continues. Liam and Darius will once again ride into some new adventures, but with whom and why aren’t completely understood initially. Then, surprise!

Even when solutions seem to be found and the steps toward success are right there, there’s always a little bit of a hiccup to push the solution off course. Episode 109 will offer a little more of that for viewers.

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