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Channel Zero: No End House is back to terrify tomorrow night with episode two, “Nice Neighborhood.” What will be different now that Margo and Jules are out of the No End House and back home, how will their realities have shifted? Are they even out of the No End House at all? Take a look at the preview for tomorrow night’s all new episode of No End House and then keep scrolling to see some thought’s of the season thus far by show creator and writer, Nick Antosca!

I had the opportunity to sit in on a press conference call with Nick Antosca yesterday where we got to chat a little bit about Creepypasta overall, and of course Channel Zero: No End House. I asked Nick what the most rewarding scene for him to see come to fruition was in the No End House premiere. Of course, that’s a difficult question, because so many things were done amazingly well in that premiere! His favorite moment was that final scene where Margo just walks in from spending a night in the No End House and hearing her father’s whistle. It was a powerful moment for those characters and the performance had to be just right. His whistling, Margo’s facial expression, the music, the set design, everything helped to build that intense moment. As for what we can expect in episode two, Nice Neighborhood, Nick described the episode as the “seduction episode”. Tomorrow night is where we see the No End House seduce Margo further into it’s plan. I think the same can be said for viewers of the show, tomorrow night’s brand new episode of No End House will seduce you, the fans into it’s powerful grasp. Are you brave enough to enter…?

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