Countdown to The Orville: T-Minus 2 Days

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All hands on deck! The Orville will be starting it’s adventure in just 2 days, and you’re invited to come along for the ride! From navigation, to security, scientists, engineers and doctors, there is a place for everyone aboard The Orville. Hanging out with this crazy crew of humans and aliens is definitely how you’ll want to be spending this Sunday night. The Orville will have a special two part premiere, which starts in just 2 days on September 10th.

Let’s take a look at the third and final The Orville interview from San Diego Comic Con this summer, courtesy of fellow Three If By Space writer, Tom (@Thogar). Here you’ll find some of the brains behind this show and three people who helped bring it to our screens. Executive Producers, Brannon Braga, David Goodman, and Jason Clark! If you want to get the real inside scoop about The Orville, these are the people to ask. And also the people to push when you all decide we need to start making noise for a second season.

Join me again tomorrow for another in-depth look at the other crew members on The Orville!

The Orville Special Two Part Premiere begins on Sunday, September 10th on Fox!

Want to be part of the crew? Then join in on the conversation! Be sure to watch live each week and use the hashtag #TheOrville on social media.

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Michelle Harvey