Dark Matter: FTL Drives Hit Warp Speed

Dark Matter: FTL Drives Hit Warp Speed!

Not long ago, Dark Matter fans were aghast at the news that our show had been canceled by Syfy. We shook that off and decided we weren’t going to just ugly-cry in a stasis pod until we were numb. Not even close. We took a page from the Raza crew’s own playbook and decided to fight back against the bigger foe. And, oh man, you guys turned up in huge numbers from around the world and blew everyone away!

Seriously, I have goosebumps just thinking about the outpouring of support.

The campaign started back on September 3rd when Joe posted the first details of our combined efforts to find Dark Matter a new home. That quickly grew into some “test flights” of our FTL Drives which were met with increasing success. That culminated in a Friday night blowout that exceeded out expectations! You guys stood with us over four consecutive nights filled with insane amounts of tweeting, rotating hashtags, and fought like few fandoms have ever fought.

Friday’s hashtag, #RockTheRaza trended in the US for over four hours and held high spots in many countries and major cities around the world. Check Joe’s blog entry from September 9 for more details and some promising news. If you want to see the numbers, check out Twitter fan fanalysis who has been providing updated metrics on our tweet storms. I think you’ll be as amazed as I am.

And speaking of amazed, we are all amazed at the incredible Dark Matter fan art that’s been popping up on Twitter and Facebook. In his September 5 blog post, Joseph Mallozzi featured a small sampling of the vast array of fan art. Every piece is wonderful and there is so much more being created and shared on Twitter and Facebook. I bet someone is working on something even as you read this.

We want to encourage all you artists, wanna-be artists, and anyone with a love for the show to create and share your art with us. Tweet it to our campaign account (@DarkMatterFTL) and to Joe’s Twitter account (@BaronDestructo) and we’ll share it with everyone. If you’re looking for inspiration, Ennis Esmer (@ennisesmer) is asking if someone, anyone, would show Wexler some artistic love.

European Fans: We love your support and enthusiasm! For a coordinated Twitter account on your side of the big salty puddle, follow @TeamRazaEurope. They’ve been doing a bang-up job as our overseas branch. And they have the advantage of being able to chat with you on Twitter at a decent hour (while we sleep). Stay tuned for a post explaining why we had such inconvenient times and other “Mysteries of the FTL Drive”. It’s a spine-tingling look into why some things seemed crazy.

Remember, our next FTL Drive will be this coming Friday (September 15) at 9pm ET/6pm PT. That doesn’t mean we’re resting for the week; far from it. Keep watching @DarkMatterFTL for more fun, more info, more fun hashtags, and hopefully more of your (Wexler) fan art. See you in cyberspace, or hyperspace, or null-space!

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Dark Matter will return if enough of us work together. Go #TeamRaza!

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