The Exorcist — Janus — Review

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After what feels like the longest wait, The Exorcist is finally back with a new season and boy is Chapter Two already off to  great start! Following Father Tomas and (Father) Marcus after their unexpected partnership in Chicago. The boys are back and still looking to fight evil and save the innocent. With Father Bennett feeding them information from The Vatican, this unlikely duo is working their way around the country, helping those the church has refused. But evil still has a plan and still lurks everywhere. The boys have got a lot of work ahead of them for Chapter Two of The Exorcist.

Image Credit: Fox TV

Image Credit: Fox TV

“Janus” follows Father Tomas and Marcus as they attempt to help a young woman, Cindy, who is currently possessed by an evil entity. After losing a baby, the grieving young mother allowed a demon to enter her after false promises of getting her child back. Those pesky demons, you can’t trust their word at all. Unfortunately, Cindy’s husband does not believe the church can help her and is after the guys to get her back. I mean, technically they did kidnap her but only to save her life and her soul. So not only are the guys focusing on this exorcism, they are doing it on the run and worrying about being found by the husband before they’re done. No pressure at all on this one.

But it’s not the perfect partnership, or friendship, and after only 6 months of leaving Chicago there are some tensions between the two. Them on screen together though is really where The Exorcist shines and where Season One excelled. I’m so happy that Chapter Two will be following this demon kicking duo as they try and save those who cannot save themselves. Father Tomas clearly has a talent, a natural ability with Exorcisms and his unconventional ways put Marcus on edge. Marcus is old fashioned, he was trained to be an Exorcist in the traditional way from the Vatican. Father Tomas has some new way of reaching in and affecting both the demon and the possessed human. He might be a bit cocky about this ability he thinks he has over Marcus, but sometimes the traditional way is the best way. This will be an ongoing struggle for the two this season I think as Father Tomas wants to help in the most effective way, regardless of what dangers it could bring and Marcus wants to keep everyone safe. The guys spend this episode working to save Cindy, keeping her away from the husband and undercover in a barn. And damn the scenes with possessed Cindy will leave fans wanting more. The Exorcist gets this right again too. There is a reason The Exorcist is the best horror show on television and based off “Janus” alone, Chapter Two is going to only get better.

Image Credit: Fox TV



Image Credit: Fox TV

We are also introduced to a new family of characters for Chapter Two, presumably where evil will make it’s new home. Andy lives on a beautiful yet remote island off the coast of Washington. He’s a great and loving foster dad to those kids lost in the system. His house is closest thing some of these kinds will ever know to having a real home or family, so of course evil wants to leave it’s mark. It’s time for a social services check on this foster family and that comes in the form of social worker Rose. She and Andy clearly have some sort of history in their past, and I certainly hope this season looks into that. Under his care are Verity, the eldest and spunky. She’s about to age out of the system but still seems to care about the other kids in the house and appreciates Andy. Shelby, next eldest and the religious one of the bunch, he even prays for Verity much to her annoyance. Truck, a sweet boy who falls on the spectrum and really likes mealtime. Caleb, the newest addition to Andy’s house, a blind boy who is still holding out hope his father will clean up his act and fight for custody back from the state. And Grace, a young shy girl who wears a creepy mask when afraid and mainly stays up in her attic room. After a rough day, Caleb runs away in the middle of the night to go stand on an old well cover out in the forest. Verity had him stand on it earlier in the day as part of an initiation to the house, but Shelby pulled him off. Good thing too because it didn’t look stable at all. Verity tells a story of the island witch, and though her story might just be a fable there is definitely something going on in the woods and that evil is drawing near to the kids and that house. I have to give props to all of the kids as well, they all gave amazing performances in tonight’s premiere, jumping off the screen and drawing viewers in. I can’t wait to watch their characters face the evil that is coming. Evil has a new home, but who does it want…?

Image Credit: Fox TV

Chapter Two of The Exorcist seems to be taking everything that was done so well in Season One and then also kicking it up a few notches. John Cho and Li Jun Li hold their own in Janus and I’m excited to see their characters story line cross over into Father Tomas and Marcus. Everything about this episode was done right and it’s clear that The Exorcist is stepping up it’s game for season two to be even scarier and push the limits of horror on television. The Exorcist Chapter Two is not one any horror fan will want to miss, and is easily the best show on Friday nights.

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