The Outlander Gab, Volume 5, Sept. 8, 2017

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Boy, do I have a LOT for you today! This has been a really busy week in the Outlander world, with premieres in New York, Los Angeles and London, and a LOT of press appearances.

Gotta Have The News

It’s almost PREMIERE DAY!!! In honor of that, we’ll have a little celebration rather than a poll this week. See the bottom of the article for details!

Entertainment Weekly photos from the red carpet at the NY event

 AOL Build Series –  video of Cait and Sam

And Rik Rankin does AOL Build from London (you’ll have to click on Rik’s picture in the filmstrip under the video)

Clips from both Sam and Cait’s individual appearances on Live with Kelly and Ryan. Here, Caitriona talks about how she almost wasn’t able to audition for Outlander:

Sam says a little about the upcoming season

And some embarrassing little love poems to Sam:


Get This

You can’t really have this, but since it’s made from something you could have had… Donna Antaramian, a fan who got to attend the NY events this week, created a fabulous coat from the fabric that Terry Dresbach used for S2’s “stable dress.” She said, “Tuesday I was one of the lucky people that attended the NYC Premiere. For the event I knew I needed something special to wear. I made a coat for the event. Last July I was able to obtain a panel of the same fabric that Terry Dresbach used to make Claire’s Versailles Dress. Terry purchased this fabric from her favorite fabric store in San Francisco, called Britex, in fact Terry purchase the entire bolt. There was such an interest in this fabric that Britex was able to get the manufacturer in Turkey to recreate a bolt of this luxurious furnishing fabric. I just happened to be following their blog and saw that they were going to be selling panels of the fabric, I emailed them requesting that I be notified when the fabric was in.

“Each panel was approx 1 1/8 yards; it contained 2 full bouquets and cost $99. This is NOT an unusual price for home furnishing fabrics. I know many people thought the fabric was embroidered or painted – it was neither, the pattern was woven. The biggest chore was to cut all the threads in the back and for me that was a scary step. I knew I wanted to make something to wear and decided on a coat. I found a 1950 coat pattern on Etsy and that was my starting point. When I found out I had tickets to the premiere I knew I needed a special outfit and started the coat on Wednesday. In honor of Terry’s design I lined the coat with gold fabric.”

Donna said she has been sewing since she was 5! “My mom used to cut out doll clothes that I would have to sew together by hand and it had to be right.  Those times are such precious memories for me.   As a young adult I used to make all my own clothes, especially pants. I’m tall (5’9″) and I could never find pants that were long enough.  Later on I had a small custom window treatment business, in addition to working in IT in downtown Boston, MA.  I have since retired from my full time job and doing any professional sewing.”

Here are pictures of Donna and the gorgeous coat she created and wore to the New York Premiere!

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New Outlander items available at Torrid! The items are available for preorder.

Hot Topic sweepstakes – I want all the stuff!

Not strictly Outlander related, but if you’ve become a dragonfly lover, I found these beautiful watches on RueLaLa! They come in this blue band, a pink band, or a white band, with different color dragonfly faces, and while I’m not sure I’d ever say they were worth the original retail the site shows of $750, for $69.99 they’re very pretty!

The Twitter Tweets


There’s More to Life

This week, there really isn’t. At least not for those fans who went to all of the premiere events! Here are pictures from the LA and NY events, sent in by several friends (and particular thanks go to Jody Chang for gathering pictures for me!) who all had a blast. Big thanks go to EVERYONE who sent me pictures – their names are on their individual photos. (Please don’t use any of these without attribution to the photographer.)

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All Around TIBS

J’Dean Meisner wraps up her coverage of the summer series Salvation.

And if you’ve been missing your zombie friends, Fear the Walking Dead returns on Sunday – Donna Cohrs gives you a preview.

This Week’s Poll… Er, Contest

Rather than trying to come up with a poll question for the week, let’s celebrate the beginning of Season 3! Share how you watched the premiere – by yourself? In a group? With some snacks, or a glass of whisky? Send me a picture, and I’ll publish them all in next week’s Gab, and pick one person at random who sent a photo to win an Outlander prize pack.

  • Email photos to
  • Send photos by Tuesday, Sept. 12
  • Identify everyone in the photo with full first and last name
  • Include your name in the email (many email addresses don’t give a name)

I’ll pick one winner on Wednesday!

If you missed it, here’s my preview for this Sunday’s Outlander premiere! And watch for my review of each weekly episode!

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