Outlander: Matt Roberts Answers Twitter Qs for the Writers Room

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Following Sunday’s episode, All Debts Paid, Matt Roberts (who write the episode) answered questions put to him on Twitter by fans eager for some insight. Matt, however, is known for his patented evasion maneuver.

Q Goosebumps thinking about what LJG might do with the sapphire Jamie gave him. Perhaps something for Season 7?
A Maybe this season. 😉

Q Is there a part of Voyager you would have liked to include in the first three episodes that was cut?
A Too many to list in 140 characters!

Q Great episode. I assume you had to cut the part on the promo where we hear Jamie calling for Claire?
A Don’t assume anything. ;-{)>

Q I’m always impressed with Outlander but 303 is my new favorite ep. Brilliant writing.
A Thank you! We really appreciate it – it’s always a difficult task to fit Diana’s story into the limited time we have.

Q Was the whole “Candy” thing Claire being petty or did she actually not remember her name?
A We think that Claire absolutely remembered her name.

Q Do you think Frank would have taken Claire back if she EVER changed her mind even in the end?
A My opinion: When Frank asks Claire if she would have forgotten Jamie in time, he is ‘hoping’ the answer will be yes.

Q Did Brianna realize that was the mistress at the door? Did she always know of his affair?
A We have ten fun-filled episodes ahead of us… we can’t reveal everything.  ;-{)>

Q Who invented a name for Frank’s mistress?
A Toni Graphia gets credit for that one!

Q As writers (on Outlander of course) do you predominantly work in teams/groups/pairs or individually? and why?
A We individually write our scripts, but as a team we ‘break’ the stories – a very collaborative process.

Q Wouldn’t LJG have been tutored in and spoken French, being a high-born and wealthy Englishman?
A But how would have have understood the Gaelic?  ;-{)>

Q What location was used for Ardsmuir?
A Craigmillar Castle. We fell in love with it as soon as we saw it.

Q Are we going to see Murtagh again on this season or only in the next one? (Please say this season!)
A We see him next when.. *squelch*… sorry going through a tunnel

Q How much of the original script do we see on screen? What changes it most? “Circumstances” while filming or editing?
A You can check out the script here and see which parts were kept in and/or omitted.

Q What is the name of the castle used in the far away shot for Helwater?
A It’s Gosford House.

Q How will it be decided who of the writers is responsible for a special episode, pure coincidence, drawing, or …?
A We feel all episodes are special. 🙂 some are chosen, some are assigned.

Q Claire’s tear dropped on Frank’s nose at the close of ep written the script? Director’s choice? Post production? Happenstance?
A Fantastic acting from Caitriona Balfe.

Q Jamie specifically says the name of the wine sauce to Murtagh. Something they’d remember from France? Jamie the foodie.
A Yes, that was the idea.

Q Have the writers broken up Drums of Autumn yet? If so how many episodes will you be writing?
A Yes, the book has been broken down. Toni Graphia and I will be teaming up on a couple of episodes for sure.

Q I love the effect of very little narration during the early part of this season. How was that decision made?
A In S1 Claire had very few people to confide in. Now there are more characters for her to talk to so we need less voiceover.

Q Do you have a writing routine, like so many hours a day? Do ideas pop up while reading the books?
A My routine is writing very early in the morning, on a laptop with a chai and my trusty chew-sticks, and sometimes with my dog.

Q Will any of season four be filmed in North Carolina?
A No.

Q You’ve broken my heart.
A Sorry, we’ll be there in spirit.

Q How did you keep Murtagh’s reveal a secret?
A We didn’t  tell anyone (and everyone signs a non-disclosure form).

Q How do you decide what to drop? Do you cast votes?
A  A lot of passionate discussion in the Writers’ Room.

Q Burning question: that one cigarette. Is Claire a smoker or was that just stress smoking that one time?
A Probably stress-smoking in that moment.

Q When is the scene where Jamie shouts CLAIRE!!!! Please answer me, I’m from Uruguay!
A Hola! Con paciencia serás recompensada.

Matt: Thanks everyone! If you can send as much support to those in the US and VI hard hit by weather as you have to us, we’d be even more grateful!

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