Outlander Writers Answer 25 Questions about 301

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We don’t often hear from the Outlander writing staff (outside of Matt Roberts), but yes, they have their own Twitter account! (It must have been hush hush for a while, because recently, I tweeted a message to them in response to something that Terry Dresbach had said, and she was quite surprised that it existed!) They recently announced that they would answer 25 fan questions on Twitter following every episode – this has now been moved to Tuesdays to accommodate international viewers – and here are the questions they answered late Monday night!

Q Whose idea was the last sentence of the episode?
A It was the nurse’s idea, of course!

Q On the battleground do you think Jack Randall recalled Claire’s curse/predictdion to him tha the would die on April 16, 1745?
A You never forget something like that.

Q What’s the symbolism of the bird in the window?
A More to come on this later, but let’s just say C never stops thinking of J.

Q What does Jamie say in gaelic after Rupert goes to his death?
A He whispers in Gaelic: Slàn leat, a Ràibeirt… (Farewell, Rupert…)

Q I love that you included the BJR vs Jamie battle. But why no dialogue between them?
A What passed between them in their final battle transcended words.

Q I’ve officially seen the Outlander premiere four times today. Is it wrong to watch again? #hooked #sogood
A Not at all! You have until Sunday, then get ready for Episode 302!

Q Do you guys like just having to write for 13 episodes a season or would you do more if it was your choice?
A We’d love to do more than 13 but Droughtlander would only be that much longer!

Q Why the decision to show Jamie’s experience as flashbacks?
A To be in Jamie’s POV and experience it through his eyes.

Q I missed Claire’s narration though I understand its absence. Will she start again in future episodes?
A Dinna fash! She’ll be talking to herself again soon.

Q How  many hours/days passed for Jamie during the flashback scenes of Culloden?
A One eternal day after a quick and bloody battle.

Q Exhausted last stand with Jamie & BJR; meant to be Jamie’s fever dream or the reality of their end of conflict?
A Both.

Q The fireplace cookery… is this saying Claire from the past is still very much a part of her?
A Absolutely. Plus, you get that wonderful smoky flavor.

Q Besides the books, how much research do you  have to do?
A We have a researcher, a historian, consultants and support staff who help  make Outlander as historically accurate as possible.

Q How historically accurate was Claire’s obstetric standard of care? Who and/or what did you consult?
A Our medical consultant, Dr. Claire McGroarty. And some of our moms who delivered this way!

Q What part of the Jack/Jamie battle/duel was scripted, what part improvised?
A The battle was scripted and the action was choreographed by Dominic Preece and his team.

Q Where in Scotland was the exterior Harvard scene filmed?
A Glasgow University.

Q Claire wasn’t quiet and never kept her mouth shut with Jamie so why did she with Frank & Frank’s boss? Not Claire’s usual style.
A Nothing about Claire living in Boston with Frank is her usual style.

Q How do you choose the minor characters’ names, like ‘Frederick McBean’?
A We kept Giles McMartin from the book and changed Frederick because his last name was Murray.

Q Who was the Highlander tending Jamie? He looked familiar, but I can’t place him.
A A character we added: Gordon Killick, wonderfully acted by John McLarnon.

Q Will the script for each episode be posted on the Outlander Community page again?
A Yes, with annotations by the writers.

Q Loved BJR keeping Jamie alive with his dead body. JAMMF could’ve bled out, right?! or am I wrong?
A Yes. Good catch!

Q What was the third thing that was keeping Frank awake?
A A fan. And knowing his wife is still in love with Jamie.

Q Did you have a favorite place in Edinburgh? We found a lot of filming sites… loved the university arches.
A The Scott Monument outside Waverly Station. Largest monument to a writer in the world!

Q What is your process for distilling books into scripts?
A It’s a lot like distilling whisky.

Q How much of Culloden was changed from the script in editing?
A We mostly follow the scripts but Mikey O’Halloran did a fantastic job editing this episode.

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