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Salvation: All In – Preview

Last week on Salvation, we saw all of our favorite characters take some devastating blows. Will things be different this week on Salvation: All In? Not likely! There is more drama and danger coming up this Wednesday.

Zoe and Dylan have formed quite the relationship. It didn’t take long for these two rebellious teens to find comfort in each other’s arms. Yet, things may be turning south for them as trouble is headed their way. When danger threatens their children, Harris and Grace must put aside their differences in order to save them. Despite everything that they have gone through, surely saving their children will be a piece of cake. Well, it should be, right?

Grace and Harris teaming up to save their children. Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

Grace and Harris teaming up to save their children. Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

Jillian and Liam have had a very rough time lately. At the end of last week’s episode of Salvation, we saw a drunk Liam searching Jillian out. So what will happen this week on All In? Is Jillian finally ready to give Liam a second chance? Can she overcome all the secrets he kept from her? Or, will she be done for good? We see that Liam has a very interesting proposal for her, but it may be a little too late.

Everyone seems to be fighting for something this week and Darius is no exception. With his company being taken away from him, by his Uncle Nicholas, Darius is surely going to do whatever it takes to get it back. Will he go too far though? We know that he is not above breaking the rules, but this may have pushed him over the edge. It is pretty awesome when Darius gets pissed, the people who get in his way never stand a chance. Be careful Uncle Nicholas, I think you may have just unleashed a very dangerous beast!

With only a few more episodes left of Salvation, things are not getting any better for our saviors. Make sure you don’t miss any episodes as we follow along to see if they can save not only themselves, but the whole world. For now, enjoy this preview into this week’s episode of All In.




Official Synopsis

“All In” — Grace and Harris must forge an alliance when their children’s lives are in jeopardy. Also, Liam presents Jillian with an unusual proposal.



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