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Salvation-Coup de Grace- Review

What an insane episode of Salvation: Coup de Grace. I don’t know if I have ever seen a show with so many twists and devastating moments in one episode. Coup de Grace had exactly that and if you haven’t watched it yet, you are seriously missing out!

Well, it didn’t take long for Darius’ uncle to come back for “retribution”. Guess he wasn’t please with Darius for breaking into his house. Apparently, Uncle Nicholas is very fond of his rock collection. Nicholas Tanz, played by the amazing John Noble, had no problem swooping in and taking Tanz company away from Darius. Ouch! This family really knows how to play dirty. Even though Darius believes he is nothing like his uncle, he may be a little more similar than he would like to think.

Uncle Nicholas Tanz. Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

Uncle Nicholas Tanz. Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

Conspiracy is uncovered when Harris discovers who put the hit out on Grace and Darius. Even though he believes he has discovered the truth, it may not be that simple. The President dies at the end of the episode, right before she was about to tell the world about the asteroid. Coincidence? I think not! So, Randall Calhoun was just the puppet. Who, then, is the mastermind behind everything? Is it the newly appointed President? How far does this conspiracy go? There is far more going on than anyone realized and Harris is now right in the middle of it all.

With the Madam President’s demise, things are not looking good for Harris. Despite his friend, Claire, acting like she was helping I am going on a limb and saying she might be a bad guy. Did you see that smirk she had when VP Bennett was sworn in? She is rotten to the core I tell you.  I am really getting tired of all these traitors!

Zoe and Dylan making out in the car? What is happening right now! I did not see that coming and neither did Grace. Poor thing had to stumble upon that shocker all on her own. Things are not going well between daughter and mother. Zoe has had enough of her mom keeping things from. Honestly, who can blame her? Although, I think we should look at it from Grace’s side. Grace is not allowed to talk about the asteroid or the things they have been doing in order to save the world. She is doing everything she can in order to protect Zoe. We also see that at the end of Coup De Grace, she has decided that Zoe needed to hear the truth, before the President spilled the beans. Unfortunately, life is never that easy. No reconciliation for mother and daughter in the near future.


Grace Barrows in Coup de Grace. Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

Grace Barrows in Coup de Grace. Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

Okay, who the hell is controlling the EMDrive now? Can our saviors get one happy moment, ever? Whoever has the control is determined to take out the American competitors. We can probably safely assume it was done through the Government, but again, we still don’t know who the mastermind behind all of this is. I am putting my money on the newly appointed, President Bennett. He just has this look of pure evil! I am so thrilled that Sasha Roiz has joined the Salvation world.  Now, let’s see how bad you really are Mister President.

The writer’s of Salvation, really did a number on us. There was one disaster after another, with no room to breath. Well done writers! Well done! I definitely had a, WTH just happened, at the end. It is such a thrilling series and I can’t believe we are getting to the end. I will most likely cry during the season finale. Just giving you all a heads up! All that being said, don’t miss next week’s episode of Salvation. Tune in Wednesday at 9/8c for another exciting episode.


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