Salvation: The Plot Against America-Preview

Oh my gosh, the end is officially here, ladies and gentlemen! Where the hell did the time go? I am not ready! Although I am sad that the season finale of Salvation is upon us, I can’t wait see what will happen.  The Plot Against America is surely going to rock our worlds, in more ways than one. I have no doubt we are about to be taken on a crazy ride and I plan to be there for every minute of it!

Last week’s episode left us with a huge cliff hanger: the Madame President is still alive. This means that there is an illegitimate President right now and he is up to no good. It looks like Harris, Darius and Grace are going to have to work together to in order usurp the wanna be President. Be careful President Bennett, you have pissed off the wrong people and they are coming for you!

Things are looking bleak, when it comes to stopping the asteroid, Darius and Liam must decide if there is anything else they can do. Or, is the Ark the only option left for them? If the only way they can save humanity is by using the Ark, Liam has to tell Darius he wasn’t an acceptable candidate to go on it. He can’t die! He has to survive and be with Grace. Is my world about to be shattered? Where’s the love Salvation writers?

Don’t forget my friends, the season finale of Salvation is on at 10/9c, Wednesday night. It may be an hour later, but it will still be full of so much drama and excitement! It will be completely worth waiting for.


Official Synopsis

Harris, Grace and Darius must topple the illegitimate government, and Darius makes final plans for the ark.





Check out these sites for more information about Salvation and tune in Wednesday on CBS at 10/9c for another intense episode.

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