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Salvation: The Wormwood Prophecy – Preview

With only two more episodes of Salvation left, we are in dire need of some resolutions. The Wormwood Prophecy will hopefully shed some light on a few things. Will the team be able to work together in order to save the world? Or will it all fall apart and leave everyone doomed? Things are about to get very interesting.

Last week we saw the Resyst headquarters blown up. Harris had to warn his son to get out, but did he actually listen to his father? We also haven’t heard anything from Zoe yet. Where the hell has she been this whole time? Grace is desperate to find her and to be able to tell her the truth. I am curious to see how Zoe will react once she hears what has really been going on. Things have been pretty tense between mother and daughter. Maybe, this will help them mend their relationship.

There has been a huge focus on personal issues the last few episodes, which don’t get me wrong, has been super dramatic. Yet, has everyone forgotten that there is a huge asteroid descending on earth? Not to mention that someone else has control over the EMDrive. Hello? Paging Darius and Liam. Get back to work! It is time to get back in control and figure out how to stop the asteroid before it kills billions of people. Will they be able to stop it in time? At this point, it is up in the air. I do know one thing, Darius won’t go down without a fight.

Darius and Liam solving the world's biggest problems. Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

Darius and Liam solving the world’s biggest problems. Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

We all know that the President has bad written all over him. The question now is, can our saviors prove it? As if trying to save the world from an asteroid isn’t enough, our saviors must now protect their country from a corrupt government. Will Harris use his newly appointed station to do some undercover spying? Is Claire actually in on the conspiracy or is she completely oblivious to what is transpiring around her? I, for one, have no doubt that she is in on it! Yet, only time will tell and there’s not much of it left!

Salvation: The Wormwood Prophecy is sure to pump up the dramatics even more. Time is running out and there is so much left to be done. Will Grace and Darius be able to acknowledge their feelings for each other? Can Darius and Liam figure out how to stop the asteroid before it’s too late? What is President Bennett up to? All this and more is coming up on Salvation. Don’t forget to tune in, this Wednesday at 9/8c. It is going to be epic!






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