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Salvation: The Wormwood Prophecy – Review

What an explosive episode of Salvation: The Wormwood Prophecy! Things are quickly escalating in this episode and I was blown away by some of the things that happened. Let’s dive right in and talk about a few of the highlights from The Wormwood Prophecy.

Madame President

Welcome back Madame President! What a crazy turn of events. I had literally no clue that she would still be alive. Harris was just as surprised by her being alive. So, she assumed that someone was poisoning her and made arrangements to save herself. That was a really awesome part of the show. This changes so much for the show! Will she take back the Presidency and help save the world? Will President Bennett find out before she gets the chance? We all know, that if he finds out, he will have her killed. And he will make sure she stays that way!

Grace and Zoe finally have their heart-to-heart and it goes so much better than we could have expected. Grace tell her the truth and in turn the are able to make up! I love that they are one happy family again. Yet, not all families are happy. Zoe informs Harris that Dylan did not leave the Resyst compound before it was blown up. He died fighting for a cause he believed in, which really is admirable. It is still so sad for Harris! He must be so devastated, especially since their relationship was so broken. He will never get the chance to med that relationship and that must really be heartbreaking for Harris. I wonder what repercussions this will have since the President gave the orders for the destruction of that building. Harris may be out for some revenge!

Grace and Zoe getting their heart-to-heart. Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

Grace and Zoe getting their heart-to-heart. Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

When Your luck runs out

Poor, nosy, Amanda. She really just had to keep pushing that story, despite everyone telling her to drop it. I truly don’t think she was able to help herself, she had to know everything. Well, it turns out, getting hit by a car was just a taste of how far the Government was willing to go in order to keep the story quiet. Oh yeah, that’s right, they sent an assassin to kill her and destroy her works! Oh it was so amazing! I mean, not for Amanda, of course. For all of us watching, it was purely thrilling. It was definitely a shock that she was shot, as well as her friend. Yet, that is something I love about Salvation. They have consistently thrown surprising twists into the story which makes it absolutely wonderful to watch. So, Amanda is shot and the place lit on fire. Yet, she has one more trick up her sleeves. She is still able to press send on her story! Amanda sure knows how to fight back and she does not go down without a fight either. It was glorious!

I again have to say how bad-ass Grace is! She has a gun in her dresser and does not hesitate to use it. Grace is not one to back down from a fight and will do anything to protect her home. I just can’t help it, I think she is such an amazing woman. Grace, you have become one of my heroes!

Grace defending her home. Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

Grace defending her home. Photo Credit: CBS Press Express

Anyone else feel incredibly distraught when Liam and Jillian found out that Darius was not accepted to go on his own space ship? I am devastated! How can he not be accepted? That is complete crap. We see that Liam doesn’t tell Darius was they discovered, but they obviously can’t keep it from him. This was another huge turn of events in The Woodworm Prophecy. Will Darius end up being stuck on earth while everyone else is safe? It can’t be! We have to have Darius in our lives and if not, I will be completely heartbroken. There is so much drama!

Salvation only has one more episode left and I am not ready for it to be over! There is still so much for our saviors to do, but is there enough time for them to still save the world? This series has become one of my favorites and next week is going to surely shock us. Make sure you tune in on Wednesday at 10/9c on CBS. Yes, that’s right folks, the series finale will actually be on at 10/9c, so make sure you set your alarms to the right time!



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