Syfy Cancels Dark Matter, Puts Hundreds Out of Work

Syfy Cancels Dark Matter, Puts Hundreds Out of Work

By: Tom Gardiner
Dark Matter renewal syfy

Millions of fans around the world have been eagerly waiting for Syfy to send down word that Dark Matter would be renewed for a fourth season. While the network remains conspicuously silent, I reached out to show co-creator, showrunner, writer, and all-around great guy, Joseph Mallozzi. He confirmed that the sinking feeling I had was because Syfy had indeed canceled Dark Matter. The future is indeed dark, void of Dark Matter.

“I’m incredibly disappointed – for the Dark Matter cast, the crew, and especially its amazing fans.” said Mr. Mallozzi of this shocking news. While we fans are as disappointed as we can be, I can only imagine the level of disappointment Joe’s feeling about now. We, the fans, just get to enjoy the fruits of the labor performed by he, the actors, and the hundreds of people who work behind the scenes to make a show like Dark Matter.

When something like this happens, one thing a lot of us often fail to realize is hundreds of people lose their jobs. Families suddenly find themselves without a breadwinner. Parents suddenly have to worry about where to find the money to raise their children. People may even be facing the loss of their very homes. All of this because some overpaid executives decided Dark Matter wasn’t profitable enough.

“… wasn’t profitable enough.”

Let that sink in for a minute, will ya? Dark Matter was making money for Syfy, just “not enough”. So, rather than let it finish out its final two years (y’know, like “a fan thing” would) still being profitable, people in suits that probably cost as much as your car decided it would be better to put hundreds of regular, hard-working folk on the streets. Because … it’s a fan thing.

If that’s a fan thing, I want nothing to do with Syfy.

Dark Matter, you will be missed, you will never be forgotten, and you deserved much, much better than Syfy ever gave you. The Raza will always be flying in our hearts.

UPDATE: While this is a long-shot, please consider going to Netflix’s Content Request Form page and putting Dark Matter on the list. Maybe if enough of us ask they’ll pick it up. You can click on the hyperlink or the Netflix logo below to get there.

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