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The Exorcist Season 2: Teaser Trailer

By: Michelle Harvey
Fox TV horror season 2 The Exorcist

Moving on from the Chicago family torn apart by a demon in the first season, The Exorcist Season 2 is back in action with our favorite Catholic Priest duo, Father Marcus and Father Tomas. After successfully helping the Rance family with their demon problem, it looks like the two Fathers are still partners and still on the hunt for demons.

This season will take them to a private island in Seattle, where a group home is under attack by evil entities. The Rance family might finally be free, but evil has found a new home. With Father Marcus and Father Tomas on the case, it’s only a matter of time before the evil will make itself known. Taking a step away from the urban feel that Season One had, it’s time to let the demons play out in nature. Though it seems likely that the possession will likely again be a young adult or child, which always adds a creepy effect.

Plus Father Bennett will also be back, investigating if there is a devilish corruption within the church and just how far that goes. We can’t forget that Maria Walters finally got her wish, to be overtaken by a demon and the failed attempt on the Pope’s life. Evil still has quite the plan to be unraveled in Chapter 2, with Father Marcus, Father Tomas, and Father Bennett at the helm.

Chapter Two begins Friday September 29th on Fox TV. And you can stream all of Season One now on the official website for The Exorcist or On Demand. Get caught up before the new season begins and check out the first trailer below.

Evil has a new home. Join the conversation by using #TheExorcist. Each week I’ll have an in dept look at new episodes and all show news, right here on Three If By Space.

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