Channel Zero: No End House — Beware the Cannibals — Review

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By: Michelle Harvey October 4, 2017

Channel Zero: No End House brings another solid episode with “Beware the Cannibals.” We’re really starting to learn more about how the house works and what dangers lie in store for this group trying to survive. Things are very wrong inside this house and can quickly take a violent turn. Everything inside the house is created by the memories of those who entered; the houses, the streets, the layout of the neighborhood. It’s all created by the house to confuse those stuck inside. The people, like UnDead-Dad are all memories created by the house, which is both terrifying and fascinating. However, those memories need to feed, and they’ve got a particular diet, other memories. Beware the cannibals indeed…

Margot learns this when she sees a face in the trash-can, the face of her mother whom she now doesn’t remember. And that probably means things won’t bode well for the replicant JT who just killed off his only food source. Beware the Cannibals shows us just how weird room 6 of the No End House is, and the effort it goes through in order to trick them into staying. After all, it’s got to feed somehow. This becomes a critical moment for the group (even No End House JT), as they decide to find their way out of the house for good.

Margot realizes that she is a prisoner within her own “house”, after being confronted by UnDead-Dad about the need to steal and feast upon her memories. She locks herself away in her bedroom but can’t break the windows to escape. UnDead-Dad becomes restless after she refuses to respond and goes all Jack Nicholson in The Shining breaking down her door. Margot sees that her closet is an ‘unfinished space” so she runs into it head first and ends up in their swimming pool, able to escape.

Image Credit: Photo by: Allen Fraser/Syfy

She finds Jules and rejoins the main group of Seth and JT. Dylan is still on his own personal mission to find and rescue his wife Lacey. After narrowly escaping UnDead-Dad in a showdown at their old school, Margot decides that it really is time to leave. Our main 4 end up back at the house that Jules and Seth slept at the night before, Margot notices a strange occurrence with happening in the sky, so she and Seth head to the water tower to check it out. This allows them to get a good view of the land, including where the actual No End House is hiding.

Image Credit: Allen Fraser/Syfy

Dylan is trying to convince Lacey that he is her husband, but the house has taken many of her memories. He gets into a fight with the fake husband that the house created for her and ends up killing him/it. A lot of work is in his future if he wants to save Lacey as the house has done quite the number on her memories. How do you save somebody that thinks you’re a crazy stranger and can’t remember who they really even are?

Image Credit: Allen Fraser/Syfy

At the halfway point of the season, No End House is revving up the conflict, and it’s time that our characters start to make their way out of this terrifying place. But there is something about this place that wants them to stay, so their journey out isn’t going to be an easy one. What will happen with No End House version of JT now that he’s unknowingly killed off his only food source? Will Dylan be able to save Lacey from the house, will her memories ever return? How far will UnDead-Dad go to keep Margot there? Only time will tell.

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Michelle Harvey