CHANNEL ZERO: NO END HOUSE -- "The Reflection" Episode 110 -- Pictured: (l-r) Aisha Dee as Jules, Amy Forsyth as Margot, Sebastian Pigott as Dylan -- (Photo by: Allen Fraser/Syfy)
CHANNEL ZERO: NO END HOUSE -- "The Reflection" Episode 110 -- Pictured: (l-r) Aisha Dee as Jules, Amy Forsyth as Margot, Sebastian Pigott as Dylan -- (Photo by: Allen Fraser/Syfy)

Channel Zero: No End House — The Exit — Review

Channel Zero: No End House is back again this week with a terrifying episode, The Exit. Not everything inside Room 6 of the No End House is as safe as it looks, and not all those in the group are who they say. The House has a new set of terrifying twists for Margot and Jules as they try and plan their escape from this alien place. Everything inside Room 6 knows when you’re trying to leave and the house doesn’t like that. It won’t be an easy exit as they attempt to leave the house for good.

The crew sets out first thing in the morning, with alternate universe JT and a very confused/combative Lacey in tow. Things have heated up between Margot and Seth, but all might not be as it seems. With Jules continually being drawn to that orb, she is losing memories left and right and I’m hoping that leaving the house will slowly bring them back. The house doesn’t want any of them to leave, think of all the memories still to be taken and eaten like a weird pomegranate seed cannibal meal! So there will be obstacles along the way.

Image Credit: Allen Fraser/Syfy

Time works differently in the No End House, especially when it’s in a defensive mode. So after what seems like only a few hours, it’s already nightfall and the group is stuck at the entrance to a creepy corn maze in the middle of nowhere. We see what becomes of the creatures that hollow out or lose their food source, and they basically become weird zombies moaning and wandering around looking for food. The memories can only feed off of the human conscience that created them, so once that host has either lost all memories or is dead they become zombie cannibals. Though they can’t feed off other humans if they are desperate enough they’ll try to. Which doesn’t end too well for either party involved. House-JT thinks that Seth is not who he says he is. Seth knows that this isn’t the real JT, but didn’t tell the girls that. So that means he must also have something to hide…

Turns out, House-JT was right. Seth is human, but he apparently lives inside the No End House and has found some way to survive his own memory eating cannibals. He enjoys Margot’s company and doesn’t want her to go and thankfully she is smarter than that. No wonder he was always stopping to appreciate the little things, he likes the No End House enough he lives in it. Not the coziest place in my opinion and I’m glad Margot doesn’t give into that type of crazy. It also turns out, nobody knows how to listen to the one guy they know with certainty has made it successfully out of the house. Poor Dylan is just trying to get his wife home and yet he’s out here with a bunch of kids and still trying to protect them. After Seth and Margot wander away to have that discussion, Jules gets up and starts wandering away in the dark. Dylan zip ties Lacey to House-JT and tells him that if anything happens to her, he will kill JT. Lacey, of course, pleads with House-JT to set her free because Dylan isn’t her husband. This draws the attention of a Zombie-Memory who tries to feed off Lacey, killing her. Dylan realizes that House-JT isn’t real and begins attacking him. Margot and Jules protest, but Seth backs him up and they go along with it. Probably too terrified to know what’s really happening. Margot says that Seth can’t come to the exit and her, Jules, and Dylan take off into the creepy corn maze in the dark.

Image Credit: Allen Fraser/Syfy

We have another encounter with UnDead-Dad who in a moment of compassion, or weakness, tells the girls to run. The trio emerges from the corn maze in front of the actual No End House, their way out. Sinister house, makes them go through it again to get out. Dylan stays behind, he decides to burn the place down from the inside. But UnDead-Dad apparently had a change of heart, aka hunger, and followed Margot here. He kills Dylan and also enters the house, wonderful. Because cannibal dad totally needs to exit the organism it’s a part of. The girls go through the house together and make their way out into what we all hope is real life. Things can’t be done yet though, the house still wants them and I have a feeling it will do whatever it takes to get them back…including sending UnDead-Dad after them.

Image Credit: Allen Fraser/Syfy

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