DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Freakshow – Preview

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Last week, on Legends of Tomorrow, the band was officially put back together! After they had been disbanded, the group tried to settle in as normal folk, with regular jobs. Unfortunately, they weren’t having much luck at fitting in. Yet, when Rory finds Julius Caesar, things are looking up for the team as they race to fix the temporal anomaly.

Sara Lance, is once again in charge, so the team is off to find more temporal anomalies. I wonder what trouble they’ll find themselves in next? We can all assume that with Rory on board, disaster is surely just around the corner!

Rory about to make some trouble on Aruba. Photo Credit: CW

Rory about to make some trouble on Aruba. Photo Credit: CW

This week on episode 2: Freakshow, the team is heading to the circus! Yet, not everything is as it appears. Will the team be able to work together in order to save time from being altered. Or, will they screw it up and have to go back to fix their mistake? Whatever happens, it will be one for the books!

What is “time master”, Rip, up to? He obviously has an ulterior motive for keeping the Legends around, but it doesn’t sound like it is in the best interest of the team. As the season goes on, it will be interesting to see if he will still feel that the Legends aren’t very necessary. It was nice when he was part of the team and on their side! Seriously Rip, stop being a jerk!

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is off to a great start, which means, it will only get better! The show appears every Tuesday at 9/8c on CW. Make sure you join in on the action. I assure you, it will be well worth it! While we wait, let’s take a peak into the future, or rather the past.




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