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Exclusive Clip & Giveaway – Tokyo Ghoul: The Movie “Ghouls Among Us”

By: Robert Prentice
Funimation Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul has been a fan favorite since the manga was first released. Then the anime came out which excited fans of the series and newcomers alike. Though you could argue the second season was a mess (or great standalone) depending on who you talk to. Either way the manga turned anime is now getting the live action treatment. Funimation has announced they will be bringing the live action film to select US theaters.

The film will hit select theaters starting October 16th through October 22nd. Funimation provided us with this exclusive clip from Tokyo Ghoul titled “Ghouls Among Us”. Check it out and let us know if you will be going to see the film.

Man-eating ghouls are the talk of the town in Tokyo, but they still seem the stuff of fantasy for college student Kaneki—but his complacency won’t last.”

The question comes up every time a new live action adaption of any anime occurs, how horrible will it be? The track record of live action films based on manga or anime is bad. However, everything I have seen of the trailer and photos so far for the new film has me mildly excited. Check it out and tell us what you think. Are you excited for the film? Visit to find a theater near you that will be showing the film.

Want to win this limited edition Tokyo Ghoul poster that was only available at the LA Premiere? Share this clip, Tweet it and comment below who your favorite character in Tokyo Ghoul is and why. We will pick 4 winners. Note: Only residents of the US or Canada can enter.

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Riddled with gripping fight scenes and tasteful gore, this adaptation of Tokyo Ghoul brings the popular manga series to life like never before.

Buried in books and a quiet life, Ken Kaneki is all but dead to the world in an age where flesh-eating ghouls live among us. But when his only chance for survival is an organ donation that turns him into a ghoul-human hybrid, he finds sanctuary at Anteiku—a café run by the people he once considered monsters. Targeted by anti-ghoul forces, this safe house is up against a hunger more sickening than their own. When their most innocent members are threatened by humanity’s taste for vengeance, Kaneki will risk life and limb to protect the very world that changed his own.

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