The Exorcist — One For Sorrow — Review

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I say it every week, and I mean it every week. The Exorcist is eerily excellent once again and delivers for horror fans. If you are not watching this show, you should be. The writing is brilliant, the camera work is beautiful, the make up crew ALWAYS deserves a round of applause, and the cast is ridiculously talented. Andy and Rose hold their own on the screen against Tomas and Marcus. In fact, I can’t wait to see the four of them take on evil because they’re all fantastically talented. The kids are all great and make you not want any of them to befall any harm or evil, and it’ll be that much more effective if one does. They shine on the screen and are a joy to watch. The Exorcist “One For Sorrow” brings two of our story-lines together, as Tomas and Marcus head to the island and meet Andy and the kids. The Exorcist easily takes the cake when it comes to horror on television. But they do it with style and with such a passionate and diverse cast. Fox really has something special here, this show is breaking boundaries and deserves it to be recognized as such.

Father Bennett and Mouse

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Mouse makes good on her promise to take Father Bennett to her source. Sister Dolores is tied up in the darkness of an old crypt, where Mouse keeps her imprisoned with Holy Ashes. Father Bennett is convinced that there is still some part inside of her that is Sister Dolores, but Mouse tells him that she is fully integrated. He tells her of Marcus and Tomas’s success with Angela. It wasn’t thought that integrated demons could be exorcised, but our dynamic duo proved that wrong. Rumors of this act have been spreading not only within circles of the church, but within groups of demons as well. Sister Dolores might not be in there anymore, but Mouse has a way with demons and this is how she’s been able to get information about who is integrated and what the upcoming plans might be. Father Bennett doesn’t listen to Mouses warnings of interacting with it, much like Tomas doesn’t always heed Marcus. He ends up getting himself in a bit of a spat with the demon after trying to prove to himself and Mouse that Sister Dolores is still possibly there. The demon makes reference to Marcus and Tomas, but she also knows details of Bennett’s Chicago ordeal. Maria. The only reasonable response is Maria, and I can’t wait for her to get back into this story. We all know she didn’t just go into hiding after the failed assassination attempt. She’s been off doing evil things and making more integrated demons I’m sure. The demons must have some sort of hive mind that they can talk to each other on, because Sister Dolores is certain of the message she passes on from (hopefully) Maria.

Andy’s Group Home

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Ahh! The guys are finally on the island! So, Rose brings Harper to Andy’s house, but she doesn’t want to go without her saviors. So Marcus and Tomas agree to see her safely to the new home. Thank goodness, because we all know weird things are happening on that island and we need those priests there! Andy explains to the kids that a newcomer will be joining them for a little while and to make her feel welcome. Grace isn’t amused, she clearly wants Andy’s attention and both this new girl and Rose are beginning to distract him from her. Verity makes a great big sister, and tries to make Harper feel at home. It’s got to be a lot to process, to it’s helpful that Harper has kids around who understand. Shelby reaches out to Father Tomas, and wants to tell him about the strange happenings, but isn’t able to before Rose interrupts. There is a family tradition about to take place and Tomas won’t want to miss it. Harper gets to pick a color pain and add her hand print to the hallway wall. Once her hand is on that wall, she’s family and she can always call that house a home.

Friend of Andy, Peter a member of the fish and wildlife agency, comes out to look at the birds. Andy let’s Shelby be in on that conversation, to prove to him that it’s just science, not any type of bad omens. But Andy might be speaking too soon. Marcus tells Tomas he will take a look around the island, see if anything strange sticks out to him. Tomas is concerned that they maybe made the wrong decision with Harper, maybe something more is going on. OR at least something is going on here. We learn that it wasn’t just the birds acting funny. Other animals have been behaving strangely and there have been multiple birth deformities within the past few days across multiple farms. This I think is enough to pique Marcus’s attention, at least I hope it is! And long enough for him to hopefully see what the evil has planned.

Image Credit: Foxflash

Image Credit: Foxflash

Marcus and Tomas have a heart to heart chat about God and the lack of presence Marcus feels in his life. He hasn’t lost his faith, he just doesn’t feel God in his life anymore. Which is a huge thing for Marcus to share, but Tomas will always be there for him. Tomas still believes that he has a gift for exorcisms from God and Marcus is just worried that God sent Tomas to replace him. We can’t have Marcus bailing on this now, we are going to need all the strength we can to fight the evil on this island, and Marcus I think is going to be key. He believes in Tomas, and Tomas believes in God, and for now that has to be enough. I don’t think we need to be too worried just yet about Marcus. He is here for a reason and I’m sure will be a big part in the overarching story-line in saving the Church and innocent humans from the evil that lurks around.


Harper is settling in as well as could be expected I think. She has a nightmare that first night, but so does Rose. Interestingly enough after Grace gets mad at her, she suddenly has a nightmare about a black shadowy figure hoovering over her in her sleep. She and Andy have a heart to heart about their past and what they’d like to see going forward. Rose worries about getting too attached to one kid or one group, the other kids in the system suffer if she is too focused on only just a few of them. It might sound heartless but it’s the truth of the system and where her resources need to be spent. So hopefully she will stick around long enough to see things through on this island.

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The next day, the kids go off to school and Andy is at home with Grace. Grace want’s to be Andy’s favorite, and even cons her way into getting his hopes up by being adorable. She asks if she will be his favorite if she starts going outside and he can’t resist that. Andy is outside running around in the backyard with Grace when Verity comes home sick from school. She sees Andy running around in the backyard but has a very interesting look on her face. After Andy takes Grace upstairs to the attic for a nap, Verity sneaks up there. Though there is a big difference… When Andy took Grace up, the room is set up for her, her name is on the door, and he tucks her in as if there is nothing wrong. When Verity goes up there, the door bears no name, there is no bed, no Grace. Only some painting supplies, some frightening paintings, and old moldy food….NOBODY ELSE CAN SEE GRACE!

I knew it. I’ve been saying it for weeks, tweeting it for weeks. Why does nobody else talk to Grace? Why does Rose not care about Grace’s well-being if she’s clearly scared to go outside? Why do they keep leaving Grace alone in the house? Why does Grace pop up at the craziest of times? I knew it. So let’s evaluate what happened this episode that’s interesting with Grace. When Verity and Harper are bonding over sharing a room, Grace sits on the stairs pouting. She didn’t want Harper to come here and was vocal to Andy about that. As she is sitting there the picture frames on the walls start to shake and rattle, causing Tomas to stop and look. Though he thinks it might have been Harper causing it. Then later on Tomas feels something and he goes to look, but Grace magically disappears. Then Rose and Andy have a moment, causing another pout from Grace. Immediately following that Rose has a terrible nightmare of a black shadow figure creeping in her bedroom. That can’t be coincidence. Andy is going to need help and soon. Grace and her creepy “brave face” aren’t actually there right now…so why does Andy see her?

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Who do you think Grace is? What strange incidents will she cause next? Will she lash out at the other kids or only the one she can interact with? Leave me a comment or find me on social media and let me know your thoughts!

The Exorcist airs every Friday night at 9/8 c on Fox.

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