The Exorcist — Unclean — Review

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The Exorcist continues to deliver each week, with solid writing and amazing performances from the cast. If you aren’t watching The Exorcist: Chapter Two yet,  do yourself a favor and get caught up now. This is the one show on television that no horror fan should skip out on. “Unclean” begins to tie all of our story-lines together in an evil and terrifying ways. Well done to the cast, John Cho and Li Jun Li hold their own on screen, Ben Daniels and Alfonso Herrera of course shine just like they did through season one. All the kids are fantastic, some also terrifying, but a joy to watch on screen. And who doesn’t love Kurt Egyiawan as Bennett? We also get to meet new character this week, Zuleikha Robinson as Mouse. With the story-lines all starting to converge, evil will continue to wreak havoc on the world, tightening it’s grip and bringing a darkness over many.

Father Bennett and Mouse

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Damn does Mouse know how to make an entrance or what?! We open on the Cardinal, hosting a dinner/demon party with his integrated friends, but Mouse ends them all and burns the evidence. Hopefully Father Bennett can find her, and quickly because she knows how to effectively take out a room of demons! Bennett himself is still on the run, with everyone who was on his side disappearing and being arrested, Mouse might be his last hope. He’s had no contact with Marcus or Father Tomas since that last phone call, but I hope that their paths cross ways at some point this season! Mouse ends up finding Bennett, beacause that’s how she rolls. And after both taking communion to show they aren’t integrated, she finally opens up a bit to him. Though she isn’t sold on fighting this battle together quite yet, she’s willing to show Bennett her source. Poor old Sister Dolores, who clearly is integrated with something not good. The Exorcists are disappearing and either are dying or being integrated. That makes things far worse than I anticipated as far as the corruption within the Church.

Father Tomas and Marcus Keane 

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Oh man, was our fantastic demon fighting duo busy this week! Marcus gets a call from someone within the Church whom he trusts. That takes them to Seattle where they meet Harper, a young girl who is showing some concerning signs of possession. After meeting with her mother and talking with her, Tomas is ready to get on with the exorcism. Once again, NOT listening to Marcus, who reminds him that there are certain protocols that need to be followed. Tomas believes that his latest vision was of Harper, and wants to get on with the exorcism right away. But Marcus questions the purity of his thoughts, reminding him that he let a demon into his head. So every thought thereafter could be tainted by that demon. Going forward with an exorcism without knowing for sure that a possession is present could kill the child.

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Sure enough, Rose shows up at the house, due to social services being called. Apparently poor Harper has been in and out of hospitals all of her life, a fact that her mother lied about. This gets Marcus thinking and so he goes searching through the house. What he finds is that Harper’s mom has been using the Regan MacNeil story as a guidebook to show signs of possession within her own child. Going as far as drugging her to cause fits and hallucinations. Going through with an exorcism probably would have killed the poor thing, and Marcus stops Tomas just in time. This however angers Harper’s mother quite a bit. And she goes a little crazy on the guys. Luckily, having turned Rose away law enforcement was already on their way. In a struggle with her mom, both Tomas and Marcus sustain small injuries, but they protect Harper from any further abuse. This is how Rose is introduced to Tomas and Marcus and how they will eventually end up meeting Andy!

Andy and the Kids

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Things seem to be going okay on the island with Andy and the kids. Rose is still there completing her evaluation for the state. She can see it’s a loving and good home, but unfortunately group homes need to be run by two adults and without Nicole around anymore, Andy isn’t enough. Caleb and Truck seem to get along well and Verity is a typical teenage girl. Shelby is convinced that something evil is on the island and decides to skip school and try and cast the evil away by going to the lake. This is where he feels the evil taint is strongest. He is in over his head though if he thinks this will be enough. Andy finally gets Grace to go outside, but I’m still pretty convinced she isn’t really there.  He leaves her alone, yet again, in the house while he’s out chatting with the neighbor and nobody else has interacted with her, ever. It’s just strange. Either way, the poor kid will never want to go outside again in her life as Shelby disturbs the evil and that sends a pack of crows heading to dive bomb the house. It’s like nothing anyone has ever seen on the island and terrifies both Andy and Grace. Andy and Shelby have a fight at the lake, he doesn’t want the kids playing out here and it’s where Nicole killed herself. Shelby makes a comment about the evil killing Nicole, and Andy just about loses it. He respects that Shelby is a believer but he won’t hear stories about this, not about his late wife. Nothing else too out of the ordinary happens on the island, but I’m sure that will change soon. Evil has a new home after-all…

Image Credit: Foxflash

The Exorcist airs every Friday night at 9/8 c on Fox.

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