Lucifer – S 3 Ep 3 – Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith – Review

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Mazikeen is back!  This episode is centered on Maze while she is bounty hunting for a dangerous fugitive that no one has been able to catch for the last two years.  Her soullessness is a big question too.  I am going to discuss this episode by talking about my favorite moments with Maze.  We see Trixie in this episode, but sadly there’s no Lt. Pierce and no Ella.

Maze and Linda are back together drinking at Lux. Living in the moment because she is soulless.  Drinking, violence and sex are getting boring, has added a little spice by hunting humans. Lucifer agrees and tells Maze that “the best thing is to follow her greatest desire” and then he says, “Burn brighter Mazikeen”.  It makes sense that he would say that to her since the last episode ended with him interviewing people who wanted to trade a favor with him for their greatest desire to come true.

Maze is at Chloe’s house getting ready to go to Canada to hunt for the organized crime fugitive (Ben Rivers) who has been evading capture for 2 years and is talking with Chloe about what she is going to do.  Chloe asks her if her winter clothing is in the big duffle back she has packed.  Maze tells her that she has her knives and whips in that bag, but then it begins to move.  Trixie pops out when they open it.  Trixie!  I’ve missed her!  As usual she’s a precocious little sweetheart.

Trixie:  I can’t let Maze go alone; someone needs to cover her back.
Maze:  Thanks little human, I’m going to be ok, besides I need you to stay and keep an eye on your mom.
This is a very caring response from a person with no soul.
Trixie:  That’s true without the two of us, she’s defenseless.
She gives Maze her stuffed animal and tells her to take Miss Alien at least. That Maze takes Miss Alien so sweetly is not a good argument for having no soul.
Chloe: Good luck Maze.
Maze:  Get some while I’m gone Decker.
She always has to make a little dig at Chloe.
Chloe tells Trixie that she’s not worried about Maze, she’s worried about Canada.

In Canada Maze walks out of the ski chalet, very under-dressed and a pile of snow falls on her head.  While she is standing there, an idiot thinks it’s hilarious and laughs hysterically at her.  He ends up head first in a snow drift and Maze is walking off in his jacket.  Don’t mess with Maze!

Maze catches up with Ben Rivers.  Just as she is about to take him out of the hotel, room service comes to the door, but it’s not room service, it’s an assassin.  While they are hiding from the bullets behind a tipped over table, she pulls out a knife.  He laughs and makes a comment about a knife at a gun fight.  She just rolls her eyes and tosses the knife over her back and hits her mark perfectly.  It is such a typical Maze response, and I had missed seeing her during the first few episodes.

Rivers ends up with a bullet wound and this scene is full of “favorite moments”.
She calls Linda for help. Lucifer happens to be with her when the phone rings. Maze wants to know, “How do I keep this human from dying?” Linda once again needs to remind her that she is not that kind of doctor.
While checking if the bullet went straight through, she just sticks her finger in the bullet hole and digs around until she feels that the bullet is still there.
Maze tells Linda and Lucifer, “I’m good at dismembering humans, how hard can it be to fix one?”
She has no sedative, so she punches Ben and knocks him out. Then proceeds to gently put a pillow under his head and smooth his hair back. This gentleness is shockingly out of character.
Rivers wakes up with Miss Alien in his arms and a button holding the bullet hole closed.

After they escape and are safe, Maze tells him that he can now “come home”.  It’s a surprisingly sweet moment. He wants her to go with him and she kisses him.  When the kiss is over, he realizes that she is not going to go with him.  She tells him that she has realized that she does have roots and actually might miss them.  His response is, “and you thought you didn’t have a soul.”

Back at home, she is with Lucifer, Linda, Chloe, and Trixie having a welcome home toast.  She gives Miss Alien back to Trixie who notices that there is blood on it which she thinks is very cool.  Lucifer looks at Maze and asks her if she’s alright.  (Unusually considerate of him.) She tells him that she’s “right where she wants to be”.

When Maze is saying goodbye to Rivers, he tells her to remember what he said, to be careful, they know more than you think.  Who is they?  The episode ends showing us a person from the back wearing gloves putting a picture of Maze and a picture of Rivers into a folder and then filing it in a file drawer.  These are the 5 main files:
Lucifer Morningstar
Amenadiel/Dr. Canaan
Mazikeen of the Lilium
Charlotte Richards
I think that I heard the police station sounds in the background, if it is, whose office is it? Is it the Sinnerman?  Who is the Sinnerman? Could Lt. Pierce be involved? I’m very very curious.

I am not very religious and did not know what “Gaudium” meant.  Here is what I found:

The Gaudium et Spes is the final document of the Second Vatican Council addresses the relationship of the Church to the modern world, and what the Church has to offer men as they struggle to develop and solve problems old and new. The Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World (Gaudium et Spes), promulgated on December 7, 1965. The English title indicates that Gaudium et Spes has a pastoral purpose—the purpose of enabling the Church to speak more effectively to mankind.
The modern world has moved from a “rather static concept of reality to a more dynamic, evolutionary one”, and the rate of change is very rapid. This has a deleterious impact on the wisdom of well-established traditions. The scientific worldview has enabled us to distinguish religion from magic or superstition.
The first part of Gaudium et Spes consists of four chapters covering “The Church and Man’s Calling”. The first chapter, entitled “The Dignity of the Human Person”, emphasizes that man was created in the image of God, can know and love his Creator, “and was appointed by Him as master of all earthly creatures that he might subdue them and use them to God’s glory”. But because man abused his liberty and finds he has “inclinations toward evil”, “therefore man is split within himself”.
Catholic Culture

What does this mean for the show?  I’m confused but very curious about this and I am looking forward to seeing how this pans out.



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