Lucifer – S3 Ep4 – What Would Lucifer Do? – Review

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By: Alyson Bailey October 24, 2017

The title of this episode makes the main subject matter clear. It’s all about Lucifer. He always tries to make everything about himself anyway, but this time, it actually is mostly about him. He is really struggling with his identity after his devil face disappeared and his wings reappeared.  Amenadiel is also struggling, but it’s also about Lucifer, what is his role now that he has no wings and no powers, what is his test? He is convinced that his test involves Lucifer. He asks himself “What would Lucifer do?” “WWLD”, using this term is obviously a play on WWJD.

I have realized that the show often begins with Lucifer doing something sexual and usually barely dressed or naked.  It’s certainly no hardship seeing Tom Ellis’s body.  This time he is in bed with a woman and her husband comes home.  Lucifer is unaffected and decides to just go speak with the man and asks him what his deepest desire is, the poor man just wants a nap and to reconnect with his ex who is his age and doesn’t exhaust him the way his much younger wife does. This man’s problem becomes a way for him to reaffirm his plan to go back to behaving the way he did when he first came to earth. He tells the man, “The best way to remind myself who the devil I am today is to fully embrace the devil I used to be.” He offers to satisfy the wife sexually while he spends time with his ex-wife.  They shake on it and Lucifer tells him that he now owes him a favor. Yup, the man just made a deal with the devil!

The murder this week is at a facility (called Fire Hawk) that works with kids who have behavioral problems and drug problems. The kids who have truly reformed are given a pin in the shape of wings. He is horrified by this, and we know this by what his response is.  “You curtail the free will of these rebellious souls by making them follow your rules, then you trick them into thinking they’ve changed by giving them wings?! It’s the most vile manipulation and completely unoriginal!”

Ummm, Lucifer, are you projecting your feelings onto this situation?  I would say yes, yes he is! He is dead set on convincing everyone that once a delinquent, always a delinquent then begins to work on proving himself by teaching the kids how to deal drugs on a large scale by setting up a distributions system. I want to know why there were no other counselors or the head of the place anywhere to be seen while Lucifer corrupted these kids who are vulnerable to a negative influence. While this elaborate drug operation is going on, the song playing in the background is perfect.

It’s High by Sir Sly, the lyrics fit very well. This is the chorus:

It feels good to be running from the devil
Another breath and I’m up another level
It feels good to be up above the cloud
It feels good for the first time in a long time now

Is Lucifer running from the devil? I think that he doesn’t feel good and he’s confused, but wishes he felt this way.

Amenadiel keeps talking to Lucifer about the test he believes “father” is giving him to earn his wings back. They never hear from their father so whatever they do is guesswork. Lucifer doesn’t care one bit about what “dad” wants them to do.  It’s interesting and telling that Amenadiel always refers to him as “father” in a reverent tone, while Lucifer calls him “dad” in a sarcastic tone. He has decided that his test is Lucifer, he doesn’t yet know what he needs to do, but he will stick with him till he figures it out. Lucifer thinks that Amenadiel should literally walk in his shoes to understand him, he needs a makeover, and he needs to smile more (something that looks completely out of place on his face). Amenadiel needs to keep WWLD in mind in everything he does.

He shows up at Lux wearing one of Lucifer’s suits looking quite dapper. Again the song in the background is so perfect that it’s worth commenting on. It is Chocolate by Big Boi featuring Troze, that base beat in the background while Chocolate is repeated at the beginning of the song fits the scene so well. It looks like he is going to succeed in picking someone up, but poor Amenadiel, he just can’t quite pull it off. He ends up getting propositioned. We next see him in jail for soliciting a prostitute. Dan is there to bail him out. Amenadiel tells him, “We had just performed the act of love, then she demanded money. At first I assumed it was for bus fare.” Seriously, he just doesn’t get it. Gotta love him for that.

Towards the end of the episode, Lt. Pierce throws himself in front of the bullet and saves Chloe. This event turns into a crisis for Lucifer. He is upset that he wasn’t with her. He decides to find the shooter who is the guy who runs the facility where the murder happened. When Lucifer finds him he proceeds to viciously beat the guy up. Amenadiel has realized that his test is to have Lucifer’s back and to be there for him.  He tells Lucifer to stop, he stops and responds with, “So what, once evil always evil, right?” Amenadiel’s response is very wise, “No Luci, you’re not evil, you’re the devil you punish evil.” Lucifer turns it around to fit his own agenda and tells Amenadiel that this proves his point, whether he has wings or not, or this devil face or not, he is still exactly who he always was, a punisher. Amenadiel believes he is trying to punish himself for not being there when Chloe needed her because he cares for her deeply. That’s a lot of emotion for Lucifer to deal with.

When Amenadiel lets Lucifer know that he believes he is there to have his back and to be there for him. Lucifer responds very cruelly by saying, “You’re a former angel, powerless and pathetic, a disgraced failure with no better ways to spend your days that yipping at my heels for scraps to remind him of a time when he once mattered.” I expected Amenadiel to close down or get angry at this because every one of his insecurities were being thrown in his face, instead he looks at Lucifer and says, “I know what you’re doing, just know that I’m here for you.” He didn’t give in to the cruelty and stuck to his plan to support Lucifer and not allow him to push him away. The song here is called Spiraling by Jens Kuross, Lucifer seems to be spiraling out of control.

Chloe and Pierce’s relationship begins to develop into something more during this episode. We were expecting this because of all the hints that were given when Tom Welling was being introduced as Lt Marcus Pierce. He has been so nasty, not even looking at Chloe when he spoke to her, so I was beginning to wonder if it was going to happen. Well, it’s starting and Ella has been noticing that Pierce was into Chloe for quite a while. She sees more (and less) than everyone else. Seemingly out of the blue he tells Chloe that he is going to go along with her when she is going back to the murder scene to ask more questions. Chloe is angry and believes that it is because he doesn’t trust her. It is a reasonable response considering his behavior thus far, but he tells her that he considers her to be one of his best detectives and begins talking to her in a more respectful way and actually looks at her when he speaks to her. They don’t get a chance to even speak to the guy because when they get there he comes out with a gun and begins shooting immediately. This is when Pierce takes the bullet for Chloe, she is very thankful that he saved her life and is understandably worried about him. This is the beginning of what looks like will be a growing bond between them. When she is talking to him in the hospital, he is almost a different person. He smiles and jokes with her then as she is walking out he says, “I can see why Lucifer is so affected by you, it’s because you are special, Decker.”


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