Lucifer – Season 3 Episode 2 – The One With The Baby Carrot – Review

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As usual with Lucifer, this episode has the suspenseful police drama guiding the story.  This week it was about a murdered comedian whose material had been stolen by a successful comedian.  The original stolen material was centered around the murdered man’s exceptionally small p**is.  Thus the title “The One with the Baby Carrot”.  Lucifer had one small dick joke after another which is predictable knowing his personality.  I feel that the murder mystery, although always interesting, is background to the drama that surrounds all the characters on the show. This week there are three prominent story lines. A favorite moment is when Linda wants to call Amanadiel ‘Amen’.

Amenadiel and Linda

Amenadiel and Linda are quite cozy during this whole episode.  We first see Linda in a session with Lucifer.  She is trying to get him to address his issues with his wings, calling it self-mutilation. His response is defensive, saying that they are being forced on him plus his devil face was taken away, he is being forced to be someone he’s not.
We keep seeing signs that Linda is still suffering PTSD from Charlotte’s attack, as she discusses problems with her clients/friends, she gets a far off dark look on her face. She is as bad as the rest of them, avoiding dealing with the issues that are haunting her.

Linda and Amenadiel meet at LUX, it seems like they are just getting together as friends, although I think there might be something more developing between them.  She keeps asking him if he has ever had a nickname and suggests “Amen”.  Nope, that one doesn’t work. Are there other ideas out there?  How about a “ship” name for the two of them?  Linadiel?  Amenda?

While they are at LUX, they talk about his powers, Linda believes that they are back. Sadly they are not, this is just one part of his issues.  Even though he is convinced that he is the “favorite son”, he is still struggling with the fact that he still has no powers and no wings.  He is clearly very jealous of Lucifer, who doesn’t want them and keeps cutting them off. He asks Linda to help him dispose of the wings.  Lucifer keeps cutting them off and leaving them where “any human can come across them”.  Linda is horrified about how he is cutting the wings off, it must be so painful to keep cutting a piece of himself off over and over.  Amenadiel’s response is that “we all have pain that we hide”. That is so true.  He is convinced that this is something his father is making him deal with as a test. Disposing of the one thing he cannot have. What exactly is being tested is not clear yet.

They take the garbage bags full of Lucifer’s wings out to a dumpster.  Linda is a bit overwhelmed by this.  “I’ve never had to dispose of pieces of divinity before.” Amenadiel drops a lighter in the dumpster and lights them on fire. “If Lucifer wants to treat his wings like trash, then trash they shall be.”

Linda believes that Lucifer has no idea how he is hurting Amenadiel.  His response is that “he never does, everything he does is designed to hurt me.”  Then he decides, “My test is Lucifer!” He was pretty whiny throughout this episode, he is just so focused on himself.  I think that it might be an angel trait.

Lt. Pierce, Lucifer and The Sinnerman

Lt. Pierce spends a lot of time during this episode spying on Lucifer and looking into his history.  He was behaving in a very cagey way. I’m still waiting to like him, so far he has been pretty unpleasant.  He asks Dan to give him all the intel he has on Lucifer.  Dan denies having looked into him, but Pierce knows better, Dan was still married to Chloe when Lucifer began working with her.  So, Dan has no alternative but to give Pierce what he has.

Pierce shows up in Lucifer’s penthouse, telling him that he has figured out who he is.  Lucifer is relieved to find out that someone finally believes that he is the devil, but when he asks “what is it that you think I am?”  The response he gets is “an idiot”.  He’s just so rude.  Lt. Pierce is there about The Sinnerman, he says, “I came to warn you, I know that you are looking into him. It’s not a name to throw around, not even at the precinct.” he dealt with him in Chicago. This is actually why he left Chicago. The Sinnerman killed someone really close to him and he doesn’t want that to happen to anyone else, not even Lucifer.  Looks like Pierce is hiding some pain too.  He wants the search to stay between the two of them, not even Chloe should know since she has a kid. Does he have a soft caring side too?

Lucifer’s Wings

Lucifer’s wings are really a character on their own this season.  There is a funny moment at the beginning where Lucifer has a woman in his penthouse and we learn that when he is turned on his wings pop out!  “I don’t usually suffer from premature unfurling”.

They keep growing back and it is exhausting to have to keep cutting them off, he needs a different solution.  Linda tells him that maybe he needs to accept that he has wings again.  She has many wise moments and tells him that it is “easy to let external factors define us, especially traumatic ones, but only if we let them.  Maybe she will take some of her own advice.  He decides to make believe that they aren’t there and also decides that he needs to get back into the devil game and begin giving out favors again.

I was trying to remember the reasons it is dangerous for the wings to be left accessible on earth. I came up with a few reasons.  The wings make humans crazy because they literally feel as though they are in the presence of God.  The wings can heal, Maze used one of the feathers to heal Amenadiel.  They are imbued with divinity.  Do you remember any other reasons?


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