Lucifer – They’re Back, Aren’t They? – Season 3 Premiere – Review

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We have a lot to look forward to on this new season of Lucifer.  Will he tell Chloe who he is?  Will he find out how he got his wings back?  Will Linda trust him and his family again?  What will happen with Charlotte and Dan?  What will Lt. Marcus Pierce be like and will we like him?

When we last saw Lucifer he was waking up in the middle of the desert realizing that he has his wings back. This leaves him perplexed about what happened to him.  In this review, I am going to talk about a few specific parts of the episode that I found important and entertaining.



Lucifer wakes up in the desert with them.  Whether Lucifer had them or not the wings have always been and will continue to be an important part of the show.

How does he open and close them through his clothes?  Each time he does that I wonder.  I would think they would rip whatever he is wearing.  Divine magic I suppose.

He brings Linda to his penthouse after she leaves the hospital; she is still recovering from her Mom/Charlotte inflicted injuries. He seems to be prepared to pamper her.  She doesn’t believe that it’s out of the kindness of his heart and is suspicious.  Smart lady!  He wants her to cut his wings off for him.  “I’m not his Mr. Potato head” referring to his father adding the wings at his whim.

She refuses.  “I almost died because of your family drama” As if the issues between God, Lucifer, his mother and his brother can be simplified into “family drama”.

It turns out that Amenadiel has not gotten his wings back.  Lucifer thought that Amenadiel got his powers back since he slowed time at the end of last season.  That was apparently a fluke.  Lucifer seems to feel guilty about the fact that he has his wings and doesn’t want them while Amenadiel is desperate for them and hasn’t gotten them back.  He invites Amenadiel to his penthouse for a “massage” so he can relax.  When Amenadiel goes into the bathroom to change he finds a feather, then looks further and finds Lucifer’s wings.  Lucifer must have cut them off himself.  He is horrified.

Lucifer wants to convince Chloe that he really is who he claims he is.  So he sits her down and nervously prepares to show her his devil face.  He can’t make it appear.  She looks at him and wonders if he has gas; it’s a funny moment until Chloe walks away upset because she believes Lucifer was playing games with her.  I wonder if he had not cut his wings off if he would have shown her those instead.

Later in the episode Lucifer is going after the man he believes kidnapped him and left him in the desert, while he is yelling at him angrily, his wings pop out.  They grew back!  Now this is an interesting turn of events. Lucifer cannot get rid of those wings, they will continue to grow back.

At the end of the episode, Amenadiel is talking to Lucifer about their wings and Lucifer’s missing devil face, and he has a theory.  Lucifer losing his devil face and getting his wings back means that he’s been forgiven.  If the devil can be redeemed, anyone can.  Unfortunately Lucifer has a different idea; he found out about The Sinnerman, the person who arranged for his kidnapping.  Lucifer thinks that God isn’t responsible but it’s something much darker.  My theory is that this Sinnerman is going to be the evil entity causing problems throughout season 3.



Ella is one of my favorite characters.  She’s a breath of fresh air and wonderful comic relief.  These are some Ella moments from this episode.

Ella comes out to the desert with Chloe, Lucifer, and Dan to investigate the dead body found right where Lucifer woke up after being kidnapped.  She is lying in the shallow grave where the dead man was, hilariously dramatizing how she thinks the man died. Nothing seems to faze her.

She spends a lot of time and energy being giddy about Lt. Marcus Pierce.  She calls him a rock star and she saw him speak, calling it “riveting”.  She is not discouraged when Pierce ignores her enthusiastic clapping when he first walks in the police station.

There is a squirrel that was run over by the vehicle involved in the kidnapping.  Ella names the dead squirrel Leo and calls him a hero because he is providing important evidence, tire marks. She prepares a shoe box for what will clearly be a funeral.

When Amenadiel is in the precinct talking with Lucifer, she introduces herself to him by giving him a big hug which of course surprises him.  She then proceeds to feel his arms and talks about his “guns’.  When she leaves the room she keeps eyeing him.  As can be expected Amenadiel seemed uncomfortable and confused by her attention.

I always look forward to what she will say and do.  One of my favorite moments last season was when she answered someone in Klingon.  She knows and speaks Klingon, its great!


Lieutenant Marcus Pierce

A discussion about the new season wouldn’t be complete without talking about the new character.

He has done nothing during this episode to be friendly or even polite with any of his new coworkers.  When he first meets them he proceeds to insult them all.

Dan introduces himself saying he excited to work with him.  His response is “I wish I could say the same, aren’t you the corrupt cop who got off easy?” Kind of a jerky thing to say, even though I sort of agree with him, I never understood how Dan got off so lightly and quickly.

Lucifer puts his hand out to introduce himself, Pierce does not take it.  Instead he says, “There was an investigation last year, we interviewed 92 of your sexual partners, I think I’ll refrain from physical contact.”

When he talks to Chloe he dismisses her and her abilities, calling her Lucifer’s partner which is incorrect because he is not a trained police officer and just a consultant.  He minimizes her career and hard work.  The comments to Dan and Lucier had some truth and humor to them; this one was misogynistic and made me angry for Chloe.

Later in the episode they are talking to him about the dead end they have reached in the kidnapping investigation, Chloe has an idea saying, “If Mohamad won’t come to the mountain then the mountain should go to Mohamed.”  He doesn’t seem to understand what she means and when Lucifer explains that someone needs to be kidnapped, he tells Lucifer that it’s a good idea. When Chloe speaks up he says, “No one likes an attention hog”.  Really?  Not cool buddy!

He calls Dan, Esperanzo instead of Espinoza, there is no way he didn’t know what his name is, he was just being a jerk.


I think this season will be an entertaining one; I’m looking forward to it.  The music was great on this episode, it’s always a highlight.  There must always be an evil entity, this year I think it will be The Sinnerman. Ella will continue to be the bright spot.  Lt. Pierce is one to watch, he is definitely changing the balance in the group.

Lucifer is on Monday at 7pm CDT on Fox.


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