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Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe did a dual chat on Twitter today. Because they didn’t answer any of the questions together, I’ve put all of Sam’s answers first, and then Caitriona’s.

Q What’s your favorite episode from S3 so far?
Sam: Ep 2 for me! Though didn’t love the beard… wonderful scenes with Jenny and Fergus
Steven Cree: I noticed you ran out of characters there and forgot to say Ian. No worries… always here to fill in the blanks.

Q Will we get to see Jamie having acupuncture treatment?
S Have to watch and find out!

Q Have you actually been hurt on set?
S Ahem… don’t ask Caitriona (praying emoji)

Q Who spent more time in hair/makeup during S3?
S Me!!! #dunbonnet!!! This Cait was jealous of the beard.

Q How does it feel to be playing “old” Jamie and Claire now? Like different characters or “riding a bicycle”?
S Still same characters but with more weight and detail. So fun to see them live through their experiences  and see them change and their relationship.

S Double helping?

Q How many times did you have to faint?
S Maybe 15-20…?

Q What’s for dinner?
S Parmesan chicken and veggies post gym.

Q The Million Dollar question. Toilet paper up or down on the roll?
S Japanese toilet

Q Favorite new character this season???
S Season 3, seen so far… Macdubh!!

Q Whats the hardest part to record the reunion episode?
S A lot of expectations on this scene, but so many important moments prior and after, important to give everything equal attention.

Q What was the most tricky scene to film in season 3, that we’ve seen so far?
S Printshop fire. Different sets and live flame… got very  hot! (ed. note: you haven’t missed anything… that’s in episode 307)

Q Are you going to be dressing up for Halloween? If so, what as?
S She’s got a ginger wig ready…

Q Can Caitriona describe Sam in three words?
Caitriona: B.A.F.
S Ta!

Q I’ve worked for 2 years in a print shop .Did you  have to learn something for episode 6?
S I did! I learnt to do all the printing process for the titles.

Q How is working with Rollo going?
S Dog gets more treats than me… and has bigger biceps.

Q Favourite TV show right now other than Outlander?
S Mindhunter

Q Do you have any pre-shooting ritual?
S Cooooooffee

Q If you were an animal, what animal would it be?


Q When are we going to see the big fight between Claire and Jamie?
S There’s a fight…??

Q Is it easier as an actor having as much details as Diana gives in her books when you’re playing the role? Or would you rather use your own?
S It’s a combination. I use Diana’s books as a guide. But also have to bring myself. Another actor would play him differently.

Q How’s your hair today?
S Wet. Yours?

Q What’s the first movie you remember watching at the cinema?
S One of the Disney films… Black Cauldron I think. First non cartoon, Turner and Hooch.

Q If the season is 10 months long to film aren’t you afraid of burnout?
S 4 years… it’s been a marathon!

Q How is Cesar Domboy on set?
S Mon dieu!!!

Q Having just returned from another journey around the magical Isle of Skye. I was wondering why you guys never film there.
S Would love to!

Q Share with us something from behind the scenes from 306?
S I will tonight!

Q Are you ever tempted to use the Outlander phrases off screen? We often use them as pillow talk!
S Do tell!!!

Q Do you like Imagine Dragons?
S I do. Right now loving Arcade Fire.

Q Which of these faces of Jamie do you wish could have had more scenes? MacDubh or Dunbonnet?
S There were a few Dunbonnet scenes cut, would love to see on DVD.

Q Where would you go on your “Dream Hike”?
S Going with my friend Cameron McNeish soon, can’t wait!

Q What’s your favorite beer?
S So many… love Schiehallion!!

Q Will you design more collections with Barbour?
S More to come!!


S Might be my favorite too!

Q Do you like Game of Thrones?
S Love it!! I still have last ep to watch!

Q Do you still feel the impulse or need to consult with Diana after all this time about Jamie’s state of mind?
S Oh yes. Gabs is my guide.

Q How cool was it really to print those pages? Had a little bit of envy because I wish I could try to do typography.
S I love it! I actually  have the first two pieces I ever printed… might give one away!

Q How many  hours of sleep do you usually get a night?
S Not enough…

Q Have you heard Ed Speleers’ accent for Stephen Bonnet? Because Irish accents are difficult.
S He’s wonderful!! You’ll love him. Maybe too much…



Caitriona: Hey Sam Heughan, why aren’t you nicer to me???

Q Favorite season to film so far?
C Season 1 will always have a special place in my heart because it was the beginning of it all. But Season 3 is pretty awesome!!!

Q Do you have something in common with your character?
C I’m a rambler like Claire. Lived all over.

Q How are you getting along with Rollo?
C He’s adorable!!

Q Besides their unwavering love for each other, what is the strongest component of Jamie and Claire’s relationship?
C They always push each other to be the best of themselves.

Q (from Amber the Librarian) How do you attack the books to gain character insight/plotline details/etc?  What is process?
C Attack?? Books are for reading! Call yourself a librarian…Tsk!

Q If you could be invisible on set for one day, what shenanigans would you get up to?
C Ooh I would have so much fun annoying Sam and listening to what goes on in video village!

Q Any plans for you to join the podcast in the near future? Share your take on the production?
C We haven’t been asked I think.

Q How far have you come into season 4 filming so far?
C 2 1/2 weeks!

Q What is your favorite scar of Jamie’s?
C The one that no one else sees!! Ahem.

Q Sam, would Caitriona make a good nurse in real life?
C Ummmmm YES is the answer. I’m an excellent bandager!

Q Theme song for each other?
C Cause I’m a Blonde – from Earth Girls are Easy!!! For Sam.

Q What should I do in Scotland?
C Walk… and keep walking adn the drink and then keep drinking. Walking and drinking… that’s it.

Q When Jamie is talking of Bree and them living on through her, what is Claire feeling here? She has a pained look.
C Thinking of Bree’s life without her causes Claire pain.. She’s paid a huge price for returning to Jamie.

Q As do many women, Claire feels insecure with her body. What advice would you give them?
C We all know it, but forget what’s inside is the most important thing. And if we focus on being healthy then we can be happy.

Q If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be?
C Myself on holiday????

Q Are you two sitting next to each other? Because that seems like it would be cheating.
C Yes. No. Huh? What?

Q What is it like to play such a complex character in a different era? How do you prepare for your role?
C It’s a dream. I love the constant new challenges and the depth with which we get to explore these characters.

Q What have you two learned from each other in the three years you have worked together?
C To be more open minded on set. Sometimes someone can be a little stubborn (not like Claire AT ALL).

Q Caitriona, who or what would you like to be in a previous life?
C Isadora Duncan.

Q Where has been your favorite place to film for Season 3?
C Rustenberg in South Africa.

Q Can you be my mom and dad?
C Yes.

Q Do you ever find yourself slipping into character when not filming?
C No… that would be weird!! And where would Sam get a sword?

Q Have you stolen anything from set this season?
C Only been 2 weeks. Give a girl a minute.

Q Who’s the funniest on set?
C Obvs me… Sam pretty much makes me crack up ALL the time. That that couldn’t be taken as a sign of his comedy skills!

Q (Tweet unavailable, but probably about missing Tobias)
C The BEST! We miss him dearly.

Q What’s your fave place on earth?
C Nepal… no, Costa Rica… no, Italy…no, South of France, no Ireland… Scotland. Big Sur. Aghhhh too many places.

Q How important was it to you to include Faith?
C No parents would forget.

Q What are you going to dress up as for Halloween?
C Dusty Roads….

Q Who has memorized their lines better this season?
C Ummm… Sam??? Care to answer that?? In fairness I’ve had one or two lines in the most recent scenes. So that would b me!

Q If you could play any other role in Outlander, who would it be?
C Rollo!!

Q In the print shop episode, what is your favorite moment?
C When she first sees him!!!

Q What does Claire like the most about Jamie?
C His integrity and emotional intelligence.


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