Outlander: Caitriona Thanks Donors with Two Twitter Q & As

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Caitriona loves her fans! She did two Twitter Q&As today – one timed for UK fans, and one that worked better for US and Australian fans! Here is the transcript of both chats.

Q So when are you coming to visit Australia?
A Actually I’ve just booked a holiday there!

Q Can you tell us a rebellion you have done against someone or something?
A I got in a lot of trouble in school for trying to point out injustics. Funnily enough it wasn’t always appreciated.

Q If you could give advice to Claire, what would it be?
A think twice before speaking when angry!!! #formetoo

Q What’s your favorite outfit from season 3?
A I love the look Claire gets to in the end of the season. Very African Queen/Katherine Hepburn.

Q I’ve got a really important deadline next month for university. If you could give me any motivation that would be perfect.
A The satisfaction of finishing…

Q What happens if you fall ill/flu/bad cold? Carry on filming regardless?
A Carry on! I’ve taken 1 sick day in 4 years! Got to keep healthy for you guys!


Q Would you like to do another TV show if you had the chance?
A At the same time as Outlander..? No but after..? If I’m still alive… ha. Diana hasn’t stopped writing. We could be here for a long time.

Q What is your job as a patron for World Child Cancer?
A To just try and help in any way I can. Raising awareness. Helping fundraise.

Q Any plans to come to Italy?
A I was just there in summer.

Q If you could change one thing in the world, what would change?
A Just talking about that this morning… imagine if we could get rid of corruption – everything would be better.

Q What song would play every time Claire walked into a room?
A We joke that it should be Bandages by Hot Hot Heat.

Q What are you most looking forward to filming for Season 4 and why?
A So much… Fraser’s Ridge!! Cause – Home!!!

Q If Claire could write a book on her entire life, what would be the title?
A Outlander!!!

Q What’s the most interesting thing in filming Outlander?
A That it constantly changes. We get to do so many things. An actor’s dream.

Q What’s your favorite memory as a child?
A Cycling around the countryside during summer with my friends. Going fishing and climbing trees. #tomboy @countrygirl

Q How would you describe the relationship between Claire and Fergus? Another person besides Jamie she meets again.
A He was like a son to her … she is very happy to see him again.

Q What’s the most uncomfortable thing about wearing historical clothing?
A Try going to the ladies room in all that! Ahem.

Q Because I’m deaf, I like to ask this, can you do sign language?
A Only my name… I used to know more. I’d love to learn more!

Q How many  hours of sleep do you usually get at night?
A Not nearly enough. I try for 6-7 but usually fail!

Q Has there been Banoffee pie at the crafts table in S4 yet?
A Actually, good point… No! @TallShipProds

Q Do you like Canada?
A Love it!! Clean, beautiful, and the most friendly people!!!

Q What is your favorite song at the moment?
A Loving Wolf Alice right n ow… and new LCD.

Q Rain: love it or hate it?
A Love it when I’m not outside standing in it!

Q Did you always want to be an actress?
A Yes. My poor parents!

Q I’d like to start studying acting but I’m scared. Any advice?
A Fear is just a feeling. And acting classes are the most amazing safe spaces to play and explore humanity! Go and enjoy!!!

Q What is the best book you have read recently (besides Outlander of course)
A I Found My Tribe by Ruth Fitzmaurice is heartbreaking and inspiring. Also just read Disgrace by JM Coetzee and now Gail Sheehy biography.

Q Do you miss working with Tobias?
A Every day.

Q What are you doing with your time off?
A Q&A! Hehe.

Q Is it true you have already lived in Hamburg, Germany? How did it happen or why?
A Yes for about a month. On Mittleweg!! For work.

Q A language you’d like to learn?
A I want a babelefish… so I can understand all languages. Please!!! (ed note: This is a reference to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams.)

Q Any advice for a parent of a budding artist?
A Encourage them!! And expose them to all forms of great art. Literature, theatre, dance, art, music!

Q If you had a superpower that let you instantly speak any three languages fluently, which ones would you choose?
A Spanish, French and Japanese… and Chinese and Russian and Arabic and  and. ALL OF THE LANGUAGES (You see I can’t choose. Libra thing!)

Q Do you miss Romann Berruxx’s macarons?
A Eh YES!!! Romann is missed even without the macarons!

Q What’s your favorite movie?
A So many but Full Metal Jacket, Manhattan, Opening Night, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s are my all time favs. Opening Night – John Cassavetes directed. Gena Rowlands starred in it.

Q Something in common between you and Sam Heughan?
A Childish sense of humor.

Q How good is it when you have to eat on the set?
A Depends on what you choose. Early rookie mistake was pickled herring. (green face emoji)

Q Are you a fangirl of something or someone?
A Joan Didion.

Q Describe tomorrow’s episode in 3 words.
A Complicated, postcoital, dangerous.

Q If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume you had done?
A They would start at the top of their list and work their way down.

Q What’s the best thing about night shoots?
A Sneaky hipflasks.

Q After filming an emotionally hard scene, what’s your pick-me-up?
A Depends. Sometimes it’s straight to bed. Sometimes it’s chocolate and sometimes it’s a good old glass of red wine.

Q What will be your Halloween costume this year?
A I’ll be working so… Claire??

Q Is your hair really curly or straight. Both suit you.
A Straight!

Q Do you ever have a “my character does what!!” moment when reading books in prep for the upcoming season?
A You’ve read Diana’s books… All the time… and that’s what is so great about it!

Q What is the sexiest thing about men?
A Integrity, smarts and kindness.

Q Where are you? Scotland?
A Glasgow!

Q What is the craziest thing you have done?


Q Are you and/or Sam presenting at the BAFTA Awards this year?
A Yes I believe we are!

Q Are you excited to shoot with Sophie Skelton again?
A Yes!!! I love Sophie and she is awesome as Bree.

Q Have you ever used the “my dad is a copy” card to get out of trouble?
A Nooooooooo ahem

Q Your best quality?
A I hope I am a good friend.

Q Is it true that the French smell bad?
A No…!!!

Q What does Sam Heughan do on set that makes you laugh or mess up your lines?
A Exist!

Q Did Claire get her hair permed in Inverness before going back to the 19th century or is it an effect of the stones?
A Claire has naturally curly hair. In ’60s she got some mad blow drys… she just washed it and let it do its natural thang.

Q Do you ever look at Sam as Jamie and think damn boy!
A Nope. Then I would be a crazy person!!!

Q What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re in Ireland?
A See family.

Q What advice would you give to someone that’s spending a hard time in high school?
A You will be done soon and believe me it gets better. Work hard, get the grades that will allow you to follow your dreams.

Q If you could play any professional sport, what would it be? Men’s or women’s?
A I liked playing basketball in school. I’d love to be good at tennis but alas that’s not in my wheel house.

Q What scene/lines in all episodes had you breaking character the most?
A You haven’t got a let… season 1 Claire to Ian.

Q Do you have any more projects planned?
A Right now just looking at eight more months of Outlander.

Q Favorite scene you have done with Sam this season?


Q Can you do an Australian accent?
A G’day ya shrimp

Q Do you consider Sam Heughan as one of your best friends?
A Of course…!!!

Q Do you remember your first meeting with Tobias Menzies?
A He was very serious and intimidating…

Q When are we going to be able to see some production of the script you’re writing?
A These things take time and I have a rather intense full time job. Patience dear one!

Q People always ask hardest or funniest. What has been the EASIEST scene to film?
A Day 1…?

Q (Rosie Day) What’s your favorite quote?
A If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun!!! (kiss emoji)


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