Outlander Gab – Get Ready for The Print Shop!

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Are you ready for A. Malcolm? I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed! In the meantime, here’s all the news:

Gotta Have the News

Here’s some info about a fan event to be held next June in Ontario, Canada! It’s also a fundraiser for youth theater. Take a look! Limestone City Gathering

Entertainment Tonight interview with Steven Cree and John Bell, preparing for the second half of the season, and seeing both Ians!

Marie Claire magazine talks about making Outlander’s sex scenes!

And one with Cesar Domboy, as Fergus:

The Twitter Tweets


Talking with Caitriona and Sophie about Claire and Bree’s relationship:

I published transcripts of two Twitter Q&As this week – Romann Berruxx and Cesar Domboy gave us a double Fergus chat; and Maril Daivs talked about Season 3.

Around the Fan-Verse

The Inverness Outlanders have been busy! They a really interesting active blog, and Lisa Davies, one of their members, sent me a link to an older post, where they chronicled Rik Rankin’s trip to the Wardlaw Museum. He was so interested that he later brought Sophie back with him. Keep scrolling, though – the Wardlaw Museum is currently investigating, using DNA tests whether Simon Lovat, the Old Fox, is actually buried there.

They have also let me know about the Prickly Thistle, an exciting new project with a Kickstarter program, to build what will be the only tartan weaving mill in the Highlands! Here’s the direct link to the Kickstarter, with a great video, and there’s a shorter video on their Facebook page.

Is your local Outlander group doing something interesting? Let me know and I’ll be happy to feature it here!

There’s More to Life

Sorry, this week, it seems like Outlander is all consuming!

Around TIBS

Donna Cohrs, TIBS writer and Outlander fan, is also a huge Walking Dead fan and reviews the show for us. She had the wowser experience of winning a trip to LA for TWD’s season 8 premiere! Here’s her account of that event.

Michelle Harvey gives us a review of the latest episode of The Exorcist! Definitely not my kind of show – I can’t watch the short medical scenes on Outlander – but I’m sure some of you love it!

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