Outlander: John Bell Talks about Young Ian on Twitter!

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John Bell, our new Young Ian, did a fun Twitter Q&A today – his first of hopefully many.

Q What’s your favorite film?
A The Shining! I love a good horror! #HappyHalloween

Q Have you ever been to Paris?
A Yes! Annecy and Paris!

Q What did you like most about Cape Town when you guys were here earlier this year?
A Easy, has to be the wine, love a South African Syrah.

Q (From Davie Stewart, one of the Outlander drivers) What do you like most about Outlander?
A The early pickups! #not!!!

Q How was it to share scenes with Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan?
A Getting to work with these two legends is incredible, getting to know them, a dream come true. So much love for C&S. #inspo

Q (unavailable, but about items from sets)
A I was given the sword I slayed Orcs with and my very own Black Arrow. They take pride of place in my living room at home. (John played Bain, son of Bard, in the Hobbit films.)

Q What helps you get into character?
A I like to listen to the theme music from Last of the Mohicans, the dance remix version of course. Always gets me pumped!

Q Do you think Young Ian and Bain have anything in common with each other?
A Both find courage in dark moments, both care deeply about their families. And both get an animal sidekick. One’s a dragon, one’s a dug!

Q What’s on your playlist?
A If I’m lucky enough to get the aux cord in the morning in the make-up truck they better be ready for some techno, #ravingat6am

Q Are you prepared for Young Ian’s future seasons, and what changes lie ahead, or do youknow yet>
A I know some things that happen, don’t want to read too far ahead! But I know it’s not all pretty for our young determined laddie.

Q If you could give advice to Ian, what would it be?
A Lock the printshop doors! Think he was a little too excited to remember, if you know what I mean…

Q Who makes you laugh more during filming? Any practical jokers in the bunch?
A Haha @dundlejuice’s (Keith Fleming) impressions are always on point.
A (Keith Fleming) I’m doing one now… rolling! Hahaha x

Q Have you been bonding with Rollo?
A I’m a fully fledged pack member now

Q Rollo or star?
A I couldn’t choose between my two babies! No way. lol x

Q Is there any director or actor you haven’t yet played with but you dream to?
A I would love to work with Emma Thompson. She used to pass by my Granny’s cafe when I was a kid. And she’s hu-freaking-larious!

Q Favorite music at the moment?
A Always listening to my best friend @RosieCarney11 and her incredible music. Check her out!

Q What is your favorite Scottish food?
A Has to be a tunnock’s tea cake.

Q Jamie or Aunt Claire?
A That’s like asking cheese or chocolate. BOTH! ALWAYS BOTH! (kiss emoji)

Q Who do you think Young Ian is more afraid of, Ian or Jenny?

Q What TV show are you currently watching/bingeing/obsessing over besides Outlander, of course?
A Loving Amazon Video’s Man in High Castle at the moment. Oh! And very much looking forward to watching Stranger Things (s)2.

Q What is your life’s motto?
A Old one, but “What’s for you, won’t go by you.” I like to think what’s meant to be will happen! With a bit of hard work and determination.

Q How would you describe Young Ian?
A Curious, suggestive, compassionate, understanding, and of course a trouble magnet!

Q What’s your favorite Young Ian quote?
A So far… do you live in a dun!? But there’s plenty more to come.. you just wait.

Q If you had to pick one cosplay for yourself, which one?
A The green power puff girl!  ♥ lol

Q What’s the best thing about being part of the Outlander family?
A Getting to work with such a talented cast and crew on a show that makes Scotland look gorgeous. Got teary watching it all come together in 307.

Q That scene in the back of the printshop was priceless! How did you not laugh singing to her?
A I think I spent that whole day laughing! Had such fun with @ZoeCBarker, couldn’t have asked for a better TV partner.

Q When did your passion for acting start?
A 8 years old, I won a Blue Peter competitition to win a part on Doctor Who, from that moment on I had the acting bug!

Q What can you tease us about the next ep, “First Wife”? Very much expected!
A Oh honey, there’s a storm coming.

Q Tell me your best memory with Cesar Domboy.
A Getting him to try deep fried haggis pakora… he was not a fan! lol

Outlander Season 3 2017- John Bell (Young Ian Murray), Cesar Domboy (Fergus)- Outlander 307 CR: Aimee Spinks/Starz

Q How was your first day on the Outlander set?
A Like every day, an absolute joy. #lovemyjob @loveyoungian


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