Outlander: Maril Davis Answers S3 Questions on Twitter

Executive Producer Maril Davis did a Twitter Q&A today. Questions about Seasons 3 and 4 came up. Thanks, Maril, for always being willing to chat!

Q How many hours did you need to film the Print Shop scene?
A There’s more than one scene but initial scenes took a few days.

Q If all goes well between all parts, would Sam and Cait play Jamie and Claire all through the last book?
A I would assume they’d want to, but that’s not totally up to us?

Q What is your favorite episode or moment?
A Too hard to poick from all episodes. I have a lot of fav little moments.

Q What has been your favorite shooting location in season 3?
A That’s a tough one. Loved the Boston apt (bravo Jon Gary Steele) and loved a couple of locations in ep. 313 from SA.

Q What’s your favorite line from the first 5 episodes of season 3?
A I’ve already answered this one, but it was Claire’s line from 303, “That amount of time doesn’t exist” heartbreaking.

Q (Tweet unavailable, but about night shoots?)
A No one likes night shoots. Like I imagine people feel about night shifts! But some things can’t be faked!

Q How many times did Sam Heughan fall to the floor in a faint before it became the perfect shot?
A Honestly, I did worry how this would play but I’ll admit Sam nailed it from the get go.

Q What is the worst job you have ever had?
A I’ve been lucky. Haven’t had any job I hated and actually my first job in the industry (as a PA on Star Trek) is still one of my favs.

Q Will we see more of Roger and Bree this season?
A Yep. (thumbs up emoji)
A Sorry everyone! Misread the question. I was talking about S4.

Q Anything from the books you wish had made it to the screen but didn’t?
A I’m still very bummed that we couldn’t get the initials carving in there.

Q What’s your favorite line from next episode?
A Lol. Can’t tell you!

Q Between Rollo and Bouton, which one deserves the most head pats?
A Arrrgggghhhh. Impossible choice!!! ALL dogs deserve head pats.

Q Who do you miss most from Season 3 filming?
A We miss everyone who leaves us. Obviously Tobias Menzies was a loss. Who will Caitriona and I beat in tennis now?

Q When you were casting the show back in season 1, did you prepare for it to be actors who would have a 20 year range?
A We certainly thought about it but in the first season you have no idea if you will get additional seasons.

Q For you what’s the best part of being an Outlander producer?
A Of course it’s a blast talking about Outlander all day long!

Q Where would you want to go to get away from it all if you could?
A Hawaii! ♥ ♥

Q Do you have any special traditions for celebrating birthdays of crew members on a set?
A Sadly no, aside from cake? As is, with so many crew members, there’s a lot of cake!

Q What’s your favorite music moment on the show?
A I really enjoyed the end of ep. 304. Shout out to Toni Graphia for picking that song/moment.

Q How do you feel about seeing the Outlander fandom growing more and more?
A It’s amazing. The fans are one of the best parts about this show.

Q How has the success of Outlander changed or impacted your life?
A It hasn’t changed that much except I travel a lot more! 🙂

Q Will you stay in Scotland for season 4 or will you film in another country?
A We are staying in Scotland for the bulk of s4.

Q Do you ever catch yourself speaking with a Scottish accent? Any good?
A Lol, no. Although I do slip in some words like “verra.”

Q Is your family a fan of the show/series?
A Yes, they all enjoy the show!

Q Will we hear anything about Outlander Season 5 any time soon?
A I hope so!

Q Will any filming be done in the US for Season 4?
A Sadly, no.

Q How many months will season 4 shooting take? 10-11 months?
A 13 eps takes about 9-10 months of filming.

Q What do Caitriona and Claire not have in common?
A Curly hair.

Q How many hours a day and how many days does it take to film a season?
A We shoot 10 hours a day (plus an hour for lunch) couldn’t tell you the number of days (I’m bad at math).

Q If you’re shooting S4 in Scotland, how will you make it look like the USA? The UK weather is perpetually gray!
A We won’t be able to capture the North Carolina weather. Just not possible.

Q Have all the scripts been written for S4?
A No. We’re about half way through.

Q S3 casting was brilliant. I loved seeing Jamie be a dad. Were there any parts harder to cast than others?
A All of the key parts are hard to cast. We all have a vision in our mind of what these characters look like.

Q When and why did you decide to let Murtagh survive Culloden? Had the wish of the fans have any influence on the decision?
A We obviously love the character and actor and felt his journey wasn’t over.

Q I know you’d love to write an episode of Outlander but would you be interested in directing too?
A No. Directing is tough! I leave that to the professionals!

Q What’s your favorite de-stresser activity?
A Playing with my dog.

Q Do you work on the weekend?
A Yes. Usually catching up on work like reading scripts, casting, or watching dailies.

Q How long does it take to film 1 episode?
A We shoot 12 days per episode. And often we have a couple of days of 2nd unit filming.

Q Do you prefer shooting on a set or on location?
A Personally I prefer being on set. Much warmer! And I can run up to my office between scenes.

Q Best thing about working with Caitriona and Sam?
A Their sparkling wit and gleaming white teeth?

Q I know this may be a spoiler, but why does Fergus have a wooden hand and not a hook as well?
A The research we did said he could have had a wooden hand and not a hook. Plus, it’s hard to hide a hand in a hook prosthetic!

Q Would you consider attending Outlander fan conventions other than SDCC?
A Sure!


Q Wine or whisky?
A Wine? Sorry! I love the SMELL of whisky but I usually have to  mix it with something. I’m a gin lady.

Q Would you say Claire & Jamie are still the focus of the story in season 4?
A Claire and Jamie are always the focus. It’s their story.

Q Have you finished an episode for season 4?
A No. We are still filming our first block.

Q Did you have two full crews shooting at the same time for S3 doing the separate stories for Claire and Jamie?
A No. Although sometimes we have a 2nd unit running.

Q What does a 2nd filming unit do? I’ve heard the term but don’t know what it means.
A It’s a smaller unit that grabs pieces (or scenes) that we weren’t able to get during the main shooting days.

Q What make you get into writing/TV?
A I’m not a writer but I love TV which is why I wanted to work in this field.

Q Would you ever think of using Sam doing double duty to play older Jamie and older Willie?
A Honestly? No.

Q Why not?
A A) I think it would look comical B) It would be very time consuming to shoot C) there are a lot of young actors who need work! 🙂

Q What’s your favourite thing about Scotland?
A The people make Scotland. Love, love, love our crew.

Q Any chance of mentioning any other new casting for Season 4?
A Not yet!

Q Will season 4 also consist of 13 episodes?
A Yes.

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