Outlander: Rik Rankin and Sophie Skelton Meet Fans on Twitter

Rik Rankin and Sophie Skelton did a double Twitter Q&A this afternoon! They answered only a few of the same questions, and Rik answered quite a few more than Sophie, so I hope you can follow along here! 

Q: What exactly were both of you thinking here?
S: The camera wasn’t on Richard so, naturally, he was making stupid faces so I was thinking ‘Don’t laugh’!!
R: That Sophie was going to rip the doors off the set.

Q: If Roger took Bree to the cinema what would he taker to go and see?
R: The Odd Couple.

Q: Could you do a Christmas song with other members of the cast? Lots of you guys can sing!
R: I’d be game for that!

Q: If you didn’t pursue acting, what career would you pursue?
S: Surgeon
R: Physics or astronomy, most likely.

Q: Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate?
S: Milk!

Q: The best thing about acting with Caitriona?
R: She’s fricking awesome?!

Q: I really love Roger and Bree in the seasons (books) to come. How much do you know and what are you looking forward to?
S: DOA is my favorite. Looking forward to all of Bree’s bits  in that… aka meeting some Frasers!

Q: Have you read the books?
R: There’s books?!

Q: Do you use the books as a resource? How far ahead have you read?
R: Yes I do. I’ve found them to be a very valuable resource.

Q: Are you excited about or dreading your roles getting more physically challenging?
S: Excited! They’re the best bits – bring on Season 4!

Q: Richard, are you reading for the tortures ahead? #stretchedneck #nomoresinging
R: What tortures?! Bring it on I say… whatever it is!

Q: What do you think about season 4?
R: Very much looking forward to it! I think it’ll be a great season.

Q: Do you feel like you  have something of Brianna? And what does it feel like to be the daughter of hte most handsome man?
S: Lots! Stubborn, hot-headed and loyal.

Q: Have you something in common with your character?
R: They’re both very passionate and the same time quite stubborn. Free thinkers!

Q: If you could take any two characteristics from Brianna and Roger, which ones would you take and why?
S: Bree doesn’t care what people think, I admire that.

Q: Have you read the books and is there a particular scene you look forward to shooting?
S: Yes and … meeting a certain fellow redhead. I wonder who that could be?!

Q: What was the hardest part of prepping for the show?
S: Hours having hair dyed!

Q: Will Roger get to do any singing at some point?
R: Just have to wait and see!

Q: Richard, will we hear you singing in this Season 3 or the next?
R: Couldn’t possibly say!

Q: Most enjoyable about playing Roger? Most annoying?
R: He’s a very different character to what I’ve been used to playing.

Q: (Rik Rankin) What is about Rik Rankin that makes him so… irresistible and charismatic and funny?
S: Irresistible, charismatic and funny?!!! You must have the wrong guy.

Q: In the book Bree has a very bold and strong personality. How was building this for the show?
R: I decided just to leave it out. Oh wait, that was Sophie’s question?!

Q: Is there an episode that won’t make me cry or should I buy shares in Kleenex?
S: Shares in Kleenex, definitely.

Q: Can Roger handle Bree?
S: Nope.

Q: Any more Bree and Roger in Season 3 or no?
R: Who knows?!?! I forget…

Q: On a scale of 1-10 how much did you enjoy snogging Rik?
R: 11. She loved it. Even with the lobster.

Q: Favorite childhood activity?
R: Causing absolute mayhem. Climbing walls and rooftops. Running away from home and playing chases with the Police.

Q: How many hours a day are you spending together for your roles (acting and researching)?
R: More than enough!

Q: Since you guys are portraying my favorite book characters ever, who are your favorite characters from books?
R: BJR; Ian Murray Jr; Steven Bonnet; Lord John Grey… to name a few!

Q Are you drinking actual whisky when you’re drinking whisky?
S: Ermmmmm mayyybbbeeeeee


Q: Will Roger ever have a scene that doesn’t involve a beverage?
R: Haha! I’m not sure… I think that might be a thing now!

Q Roger seems pleasantly tipsy in the scene where he and Brianna give gifts to Claire. Intentional? Say yes because it was (ok emoji).
R: Haha!! Yes!!

Q: Have you two had any heated arguments over how your characters should interact? If so who usually wins?
S: I win every argument but I’m sure RR will argue with that.

Q: Don’t you think Sophie wearing a Christmas hat is the most precious thing in this world?
R: Oh, it’s just adorable!

Q: You both have gotten to work with Caitriona. Are you excited to work with Sam?
S: Yes!!!!

Q: Without giving spoilers how excited are you to act alongside other actors in Season 4?
R: I can’t wait! I’ve had a great time filming what we’ve done so far but I’m really looking forward to being more integrated with everyone.

Q: Just how excited are you to see even more of Roger and Bree’s relationship?
R: Really looking forward to it. Can’t wait to jump into S4!

Q: What would you take with you if you knew you were traveling to 18th century Scotland?
R: I’ve always thought Claire’s idea of bringing penicillin back was a pretty genius idea! So something along those lines maybe.

Q Did you get to eat the lobster roll and Boston cream pie?
R: Yes! Many, many, many times!

Q: Do you actually like lobster rolls and Boston cream pie?
R: I LOVE lobster rolls! They were specially prepared by a very good Chef on set and they were amazing@

Q Since joining Outlander, what do you think of the fandom?
S: Unlike any other… and amazing!

Q: What are the best things about being in the cast of Outlander?
R: The Fandom, of course!

Q: Does Bree regret being so hard on Claire about Jamie?
S: Yes, she now understands what love is and why her mother was so distant for so long.

Q I saw that you were reading The Picture of Dorian Gray. What are your thoughts on the book?
S: Dark but beautiful – if the words we speak were to show on our face would we still be beautiful? Something to live by.

Q: If you would be in the same position as Claire, would you consider to go back to the past?
S: Definitely. Her missing piece is there.
R: It’s a very tough position to find yourself! I would certainly give it some thought!

Q: Why didn’t Bree go to the past with Claire? To meet her father?
R: What makes you think she CAN?

Q: If you really had to travel in time, what would you make the day before departing?
R: A ham sandwich?

Q: What one modern day item would you like to take with you when travelling through the stones?
R: Good question… a Tank?

Q: If you could travel back to 1968, what is the one thing you definitely want to do?
R: See the Beatles!

Q: Are you already on the set?
R: I’m sat in front of my computer doing #AskOutlander. 😉

Q: How has your ballet training helped your acting?
S: A lot, it helps with the choreography of scenes and stamina for long shooting days.

Q: (Davie Stewart, one of the Outlander drivers) I’m sitting here with your dad, he wants to know who you love the best.
S: Erm you Davie… duh!! Sending (kiss emoji) to you both!!! X

Q: Would you like to direct an episode of Outlander?
R: Would LOVE to.

Q: Sophie, what have you learned about acting from  Richard?
R: Literally everything.
S: Always mess around, never be serious, don’t stick to the script.

Q: Favorite scene so far? Doesn’t have to be of Bree and Roger.
R: I’ve had a lot of fun on most of my scenes. It’s hard to pick a favorite. Really enjoyed the climax with Bree and Claire S2!

Q: Are you ready for Brianna’s intense journey with Stephen Bonnet?
R: WHO?!?!? Who the F is Stephen Bonnet exactly please???

Q: Did you work today? What did you film? We won’t tell anyone.
R: If you’ll keep it to yourself I’ll tell you!

Q: Do you have any idea how much you are loved here in Brazil?
R: I have literally ZERO idea…

Q: (unavailable, but obviously asking about books you love)
R: Song of Ice and Fire, Lord of the Rings, and.. I dunno 1984? Very hard to choose only 3. OH AND OUTLANDER

Q: If you could pick a song from the ’60s to describe your character what would it be?
R: Help!

Q: What’s your favorite type of desserts?
R: Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Q: Would you rather travel back in time as Roger or travel into the future and the unknown?
R: Very difficult question! I think I would rather see how we get on in the future…!

Q: Would you like Roger to travel back in time also?
R: That would be…kinda cool!

Q: You say you are working on developing Roger’s character over time. How would you describe his personality now?
R: I’d say he’s still much the same. Maybe developing a better temperament with Brianna around? I think he changes more as we move into S4 and 5.

Q: Have you met Rollo yet? What did you think?
R: I love ROLOS! Never give any one my last one though…

Q: Was the airplane in Roger’s hand twiddling an homage to his father?
R: An homage to his father, to his past, to his childhood. To things almost, but not quite forgotten.

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