Outlander: Twitter Chatting with Cesar and Romann!

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This afternoon, fans got to chat with both Ferguses (or Fergi?), Romann Berruxx and Cesar Domboy, on Twitter! Cesar, of course, will appear for the first time in this weekend’s Episode 306. This one was a little tough to put together, since they were doing them in parallel and not together – Romann’s answers are indicated by “R” and Cesar’s by “C”. Only a couple of questions had both actors answer. But enjoy!

Q Romann, do you have some advice for Cesar Domboy about Fergus?
R To not get his other hand chopped off ahah

Q What is your favorite movie?
R Gatsby!

Q How’s it feel to be a Frenchman in Scotland?
C It’s great so beautiful and very rainy but it’s great fun.

Q Cesar, have you read the Outlander books?
C I haven’t read it  yet.

Q Who is funnier, Caitriona or Sam?
C Easy – Caitriona. ♥

Q 17th Century or 21st?
C Twenty one twenty one

Q Do you know something you both have in common? Besides the character?
C C’mon! The curls!

Q Cesar, one word to describe the Fergus/Claire reunion?
C Overwhelming (I hope)

Q Are we going to see more of Claire and Fergus’ beautiful relationship?
C Aw man I hope so, I love their relationship and their scenes. Also Caitriona is one of my fav actress in the galaxy, so… (prayer hand emoji)

Q How is filming S4 so far?
C So exciting! No droughtlander for the Outlander cast lol.

Q How’s it going with the hook? Is it difficult to use?
C Not a hook! It’s a wooden hand and it’s quite challenging hah

Q Romann, one word to describe Cesar?
R Cool and handsome!

Q Hey you two! Here’s my question – do you often meet fans on the street, who want a picture with you? Do you think it’s strange or cute?
R Sometimes yes in Paris or Scotland and I think it’s really cute.

Q Your favorite Disney song?
R Le Livre de la jungle (Jungle Book)!

Q What city in the US would you most like to visit?
R Los Angeles and New York!
C Oh man NY I’d love to see you soon. Had the time of my life at the NYFF screening of The Walk with all the New Yorkers.

Q What characteristics of wee Fergus did you get to continue with Fergus adult?
R They are both fantastic!

Q Was it hard to leave the Fergus character?
R Yes of course, but I think Cesar will do a great job.

Q What’s your favorite thing about being in Outlander?
R I met such amazing actors!
C I love how important the show is for you guys. The fans and the Outlander community is the best part.

Q If you were not able to find work as an actor, what other profession would you choose?
R I would choose Director.

Q Ever eaten snails? Do you like them?
R Beurk no!!! lol

Q Romann, do you miss the cast so much?
R Yes very much. Love them all.

Q Romann, what is your best time on the shooting of Outlander?
R The meeting with Jamie in Paris.

Q What’s your current favourite tv show?
R Outlander, do you know this show? 😉

Q If you could travel back in time, where would you go and why?
R In the future, for the future of cinema.

Q Do you have a Fergus in you?
R We all have a little Fergus in our mind.

Q The first word that comes to your mind when you think of Claire?
R Motherly tenderness.

Q Most fave scene you’ve filmed? And with who? We won’t tell Sam if your fave is with Cait.
R Two scenes, the one with Caitriona telling the rape story, and the one after I get my hand chopped off with Sam.

Q What’s your favorite episode of season 3 so far?
R Episode 306. 🙂

Q Cesar, did you and Romann know each other before filming?
R No, not at all, but we met in the plane to Glasgow!

Q How long did it take to film the scene where Fergus loses his hand? You did an amazing job!
R Thanks so much, it took around two days.

Q Romann, how do you manage acting and school?
A I work on set  and in the plane.

Q Are those curls natural?
R Genetics!

Q Do you wish young and old Fergus could do an episode together?
R Yes it would be so awesome!

Q An artist you admire?
R Van Gogh.

Q Loved the relationship between Fergus and Murtagh in S2. What was it like to work with Duncan Lacroix?
R Duncan is such an amazing person, he is very calm and wise, and also a very good actor.

Q Cesar, consider coming to NY for an event please!
R It would be great!

Q What is your favorite song?
R Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill Withers.

Q The thing you like most about Scotland?
R Highlander cows!

Q Can you do a Scottish accent? Any other languages you speak?
R I try yes, but I think it’s very hard!

Q Romann, have you worn this gorgeous kilt quite a lot since your parents bought it for you?
R Yes a lot, I feel like a true Scot when I wear it.

Q Which episode from season 2 is your favorite?
R The battle of Culloden.

Q What was your reaction when you knew you had the role of Fergus?
R I didn’t! (from Twitter’s translation service – not sure this is correct)

Q What country have you never been to but would like to go?
R Iceland seems amazing!

Q Did Fergus feel Jamie and Claire were his parents?
R Yes definitely, he loves them as his own parents.

Q Can you tell us any funny or embarrassing stories from the set?
R The first time I played with Caitriona I told her that she had very beautiful breasts! It was fun and embarrassing.

Q Who is more fun as a parent, Jamie or Claire?
R Claire is a kind mother, and Jamie is more a risk-taker guy! LOL

Q What’s been the most challenging thing you had to do this season?
R Getting my hand chopped off!


R I am afraid no….lol!

Q Who is the funniest person on set and who likes to play the most practical jokes?
R Scott Kyle is very funny!
C Lauren Lyle and Caitriona Balfe and Keith Fleming.


Q What’s your favorite Scottish expression?
R Not really an expression, but I like so much the “aye.”
C Dinna fash!

Q Fave alcohol, whisky or wine?
R French wine!

Q Favorite Fergus line so far?
R I am a man of leisure, non?

Q Three things you admire most in Fergus?
R His loyalty, bravery and kindness.
C He’s loving, loyal and a survivor.

Q French city you prefer?
R Paris

Q What is the worst prank that you have ever played or been played on you while on Outlander?
R The day I arrived in Scotland and my trailer was full of Cesar photos!


R Metin Huseyin, the director took this photo. Such a good memory.

Q If you could give advice to Fergus, what would it be?
R To stay loyal!
C I think he listens! He needed a mentor and a mother figure and he found Jamie and Claire.

Q Except Fergus, who is your favorite character in Outlander and why?
R I think Murtagh is a true hero! Solid and loyal and brave.

Q Romann, a place in the world?
R Patagonia.

Q What was it like recording the scene with Black Jack Randall?
R He is so nice in real life that it made it a lot easier!

Q Cesar, how much taller is Romann (now)?
R Two meters now

Q What’s the best thing about playing Fergus?
C The character arc! We start with him as a child then his journey continues, that’s cool. Also his privileged relationship with Claire and Jamie.

Q Cesar, did you enjoy filming on the ship?
C Amazing and very immersive lol

Q What do you think of adult Fergus? Do you prefer the adult or child character?
C I like it well in the two periods, but it’s very different. The sames are the same.

Q If you were not playing Fergus, who would you have loved to play?
C Rollo  haha

Q Cesar, what’s the best part of working with Sam?
C Sam he smells so good. JK don’t know, he’s such a good partner and so much fun.

Q Have you given thought to who Fergus’ birth parents were? (Perhaps time travelers themselves?)
C Perhaps.

Q Did you know any of the cast before you were cast as Fergus? Have worked with anyone before?
C Stanley Weber and Lionel Lingelser, and they were so good in OL2.

Q What is your favorite US city to visit?
C IDK any US cities but LA and NY sadly. I really want to road trip soon and see more. I also know Boone, NC now.

Q If you were projected into the past, do you think you could easily adapt to the time?
C Which time?

Q Cesar, is there something particular in Romann’s performance that you tried to bring across in your own?
C High pitched voice :laugh: Haha jk jk I like the way he moved as a wee pickpocket. Very graceful. I hope my Fergus has that too.

Q Romann, do you realize you are answering questions faster than Cesar?
C Man I’m so bad at Twitter!

Q Cesar, what has been your favorite part of filming so far?
C Can’t pick one! But my partner Lauren Lyle who is amazing in every way and all the Voyager shooting was amazing.

Q Have you ever tasted porridge on set? If yes, did you like it?
C Never!

Q Will you come to Dallas ComicCon? I get to meet Dougal on Saturday.
C When is this? I need to come to see a Mavericks game too.

Q Wow, love that you are a Mavs fan, I will get you a t-shirt!
C I’m not a Mavs fan, but an NBA fan for sure.

Q What scene are you looking forward to playing?
C Can’t spoil dear! But there are some coming for OL3 that were so intense to shoot. I hope it will be moving on screen. Soon!

Q What is your favorite episode in S3 and why?
C 10 🙂 because… I mean… you’ll see soon enough.

Q Cesar, what was your reaction to knowing  you’d interpret Fergus?
C Ecstatic

Q France or Scotland?
C C’mon.

Q How is the filming of S4 going?
C This is going so we’re glad to be ending up so quickly!

Q Good morning, 6 am Friday in Tasmania, hope you are well, looking forward to your art and character!
C Go back to bed!

Q Can you keep up with Sam and Caitriona in the whisky department?
C Aaaaw geez nooo hahaha

Q Favorite drink, alcoholic or non alcoholic? I assume wine is ok at your age in France?
C What? He’s a kid! Of course not c’mon! I know Romann loves Irn Bru which is a very Scottish soda. Mine is fresh OJ.

Q You guys prefer a lost hand like Fergus or a leg like Ian?
C Team wooden hand.

Q Your favorite food?
C Pizza.

Q What other character would you love to play?
C Geills or Rollo. 🙂 Not Frank,  if I were 15 years older.

Q Can you say something about Fergus as a father?
C He will probably have difficulty changing diapers… because of the wooden  hand.

Q Cesar I love your Instagram stories. What inspires you?
C Thank youuuu! There are so many things I’m missing but I like when it’s spontaneous.

Q What is your favorite social media?
C Insta easy.

Q Is there an actor or actress with whom you would love to shoot a movie?
C Steve Carell, Aubrey Plaza, Rick of Rick and Morty.

Q Are you excited to finally see you come to the screen in a few days?
C No scary haha.

Q Is there another show you’re a huge fan of that you’d like to guest star on?
C OMG! Curb, the Office, Parks & Recreation, Better Things, The Night Of, Veep, Ballers… so many.

Q Do you like sports?
C Yep. Be less specific plz haha

Q OK, what’s your fave? Football, baseball or basketball? Or any of these?
C Soccer as for PSG, my hometown team, and the NBA.

Q How long does it take to get your hand done in makeup?
C Hmmm

Q How did you learn to speak English so well?
C My English is broken.

Q What’s your favorite movie and book? I think Fergus’ fave movie would be “My left hand,” oooops, horrible joke. Sorry.
C Buffalo 66 by Vincent Gallo is my favorite movie.

Q How was it working with Lionel Lingelser and Benjamin Siksou back in 2007 in “15 ans et demi”? (also known as “Daddy Cool”, available on Amazon and iTunes)
C We were kids but I remember we had great fun with Lionel.
A (Lionel) Hey mon beau Yes, only good memories with you on 15 ans et demi. It was so fun. Can not wait to see you on screen in OL3.

Q What kind of music do you listen to?
C Follow my insta, I often post the stuffs I like. Recently my fave is @sza, her album is incredible, she’s so talented.

Q Is it hard to keep spoilers from your friends and family?
C My mum reads the books so she could spoil me actually.

C I say we should do an #askfersali with Lauren Lyle soon! What do you think, Outlanderfam?

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