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Preview – Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Announced

By: Robert Prentice
Funimation Tokyo Ghoul Viz Media

Tokyo Ghoul fans have been waiting and hoping for this announcement ever since Root A finished. Shortly after the final volume of the Tokyo Ghoul manga was released in english, news came of season 3. Tokyo Ghoul :Re will follow the next story of the manga that occurs directly after the events in volume 14 of the original manga.

Many are concerned regarding the fact that season 2 of the anime was an anime original story line. It did not follow the manga, but ended in roughly a similar position for Kaneki, with his status unknown at the end at the hands of Arima. This is not the first anime to continue with a new season that goes back to the source material after the previous season went anime only. Blue Exorcist and Black Butler are two examples just to name a few.

Tokyo Ghoul :Re Volume 1 is set to be released in english on October 17th. The new anime adaptation of the :re manga is set to air some time in 2018. Funimation currently has the license for the series. We would expect them to grab the new Tokyo Ghoul.

Tell us your thoughts: Are you excited for a new season? Are you concerned about whether it will follow the source material or be anime unique like Root A was? Or you don’t care as long as there is more Tokyo Ghoul animated? Check out the new promotional video just released below.

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