San Diego Comic Con 2018 : Returning Registration

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Professor Tucan is back from the future, with new information about Returning Registration for SDCC 2018! While we don’t have the actual sale date yet, there are a few small changes to the member ID system! As a reminder, Returning Registration (RetReg or #RR2018) is only for those who attended SDCC 2017 on a regular, paid attendee badge. So if you were on a professional, press, exhibitor, or guest badge in 2017, this isn’t the registration you’re looking for. Similarly, if you didn’t attend the show in 2017 at all, or have never been before, you’ll want to hang tight and wait for information about the Open Registration. Helpful hint, if you want to attend in 2018 you have to have your own Member ID.  If you don’t have one yet create a new member ID as soon as possible.

There are a few things that won’t be changing for the Returning Registration 2018 process, including the Expo Logic waiting room. Eligible members will be getting an email roughly 48 hours ahead of the sale date with a link and unique code to enter the Expo Logic waiting room. You all know the drill from there! You can check your eligibility status by logging into your member id account. If you’re eligible for RetReg 2018 you’ll see this at the top of your page.

Image Credit: Michelle Harvey

As it has been previously, you can purchase a badge for 3 Eligible Member ID’s total, including your own. All 3 Member ID’s have to be eligible for RetReg or you won’t be able to purchase for it. Badges will be shipped to each individual attendee as per the shipping address in their Member ID account and badges will not be shipped internationally. International attendees have the option of doing an on-site pick up in San Diego or shipping their badge to a trustworthy friend here in the States.

Now for the new stuff! Your Member ID account now has a new tab, “Contact Info.” This new tab allows you to pick your preferred contact method and add a second address to your profile. You’re now able to have both a home address and a shipping address connected to your account! Changing your home address does not change your shipping address and the badges will only be mailed out to the shipping addresses. It’s a good idea to update your Contact Info tab as soon as possible, especially if you plan on using a different shipping address! The deadline to change your shipping address is May 18th, 2018. While you’re there, make sure you didn’t “Opt-Out” of getting email communication from CCI! That way you won’t miss out on any upcoming emails with RetReg 2018 information. Below are the prices for San Diego Comic Con 2018, and as more information becomes available for Returning Registration (and Open Registration) I’ll be here to let you know about it!

Image Credit: CCI

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