Special Edition — The Exorcist — Behind The Scenes

The Exorcist is taking a break this week, so there will not be a new episode on Friday night. However, I’ve been chatting with Executive Producer and Showrunner, Sean Crouch, who was gracious enough to share some special Behind The Scenes photos with us! Fear not, he made sure that these behind the scenes photos are spoiler free, so you can enjoy without worry! All of the captions underneath each photo come from Sean himself.

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The Exorcist Congregation fan group will also be doing a Friday night Tweet-A-Thon! Because there is not a new episode this week, Friday October 27th beginning at 9pm EST / 6pm PDT we will be encouraging all fans of The Exorcist to participate in the We Compel You twitter campaign! The Congregation want to let Fox know that, even if the show is not airing this week, there are tons of fans and that we want a season 3! We would like to get the We Compel You hashtag to trend, so don’t use the hashtag until the event has started. We also want you to tag @FoxTX and @TheExorcistFox accounts, so they know you’re a big fan! Lastly, only use that one hashtag, while we still want you to include the words “The Exorcist” in your tweets, make sure that you only use the #WeCompelYou hashtag, to help us trend! A little birdie told me that some of the cast/crew might join in on the fun, so make sure you join in too! Let’s come together Exorcist Congregation, and show Fox just how passionate we are about this riveting show!

The Exorcist airs Friday night at 9/8 c on Fox. The next episode is Friday November 3rd!

Join in on the conversation! Be sure to watch live each week and use the hashtag #TheExorcist on social media.

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Michelle Harvey