The Gifted – S 1 Ep 3 – eXodus – Review

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The title, eXodus, already gives the viewers an idea of the theme of this episode. Traditionally an exodus consists of refugees escaping persecution. The mutant underground is a group of refugees seeking a safe place and a better life. Similar to the underground railroad, the mutant underground helps to transport these mutant refugees to safety.

The episode starts with Marcus and Lorna when they had just met three years before. Lorna has learned to love herself for who she is, a mutant, and she helps Marcus to accept who and what he is. She asked him what the first thing he had done just for the joy of it. His experience up until now has been largely negative, so he did not believe joy could be linked to his abilities. Lorna shows him the first thing she did for the joy of it, which encourages him to show one of his tricks. He projects light through broken shards of glass onto her and creates a beautiful moment. This moment leads to a more romantic moment for the two that created an aurora borealis effect. Simply put, an aurora borealis phenomenon occurs when solar energy collides with a magnetic field. Lorna’s ability to manipulate magnetic energy and Marcus’ solar energy creates a beautiful miniature, personal aurora borealis when they touch. We love this concept and can’t wait to see how this combination plays out as the show continues.

Caitlin is unable to accept that traditional methods of dealing with conflict won’t work.  She wants to contact lawyers and lawmakers to get help, so she leaves the mutant underground location with the kids to find her brother, Danny, to get help from him.  When they show up at Danny’s house he is upset and refers to them as outlaws. He is afraid and refuses to help in any way.  

When Caitlin was leaving the underground with the kids.
Alyson:  I don’t trust what she’s doing.
Alyson:  Oh…they are going to lead Sentinel Services there.
Emma:  They are being really stupid.
About Mom’s brother.
Alyson:  I don’t trust him
Emma:  Me neither
Emma:  That is not what someone’s brother is supposed to say in that situation.

In the meantime, Marcus and John have tracked them down and show up to bring them back to the underground before they are captured and give the location away. Word gets out that Caitlin, Lauren, and Andy are at Danny’s house and a mob shows up to the house demanding Danny hand them over. Andy dramatically explodes out the door and Marcus holds the mob off while they escape to the truck Marcus and John arrived in. The escape is scary while they are being chased and shot at by the mob. We hope that Caitlin has finally learned to trust what the leaders of the mutant underground tell her, she put them all in a lot of danger by ignoring their warnings.  

Clarice has always tapped into her powers through fear.  This is very unreliable.  She now has the added issue of her fear of her own powers because she doesn’t want to lose control again the way she did when she was sick. John works with her to learn to tap into something she cares about, it will be easier to recall in a stressful moment. Sadly, she doesn’t seem to have anything or anyone that she cares about. There is some urgency for her to be able to make another portal so that they can get Lorna out of prison. Dreamer (Elena Satine), wants to give her some memories to draw upon while she helps save Lorna.  John discourages this, reminding Dreamer of other times and the problems that this has caused. They had a relationship in the past and Dreamer does not seem to be over it.  

Later on in the episode, after Marcus and John rescued Caitlin and the kids from their dangerous decision to find Caitlin’s brother for help, they are being chased by what amounts to a lynch mob and John calls Dreamer to let her know what is happening. Dreamer finds Clarice and gives her one of her own memories of herself and John together so that Clarice will make a portal to save them. When Clarice comes out of the little trance she’s in, she is desperate to save John and believes she is in love with him and successfully opens a portal that the entire truck drives through. This is sure become a big problem in the future.  

About Thunderbird.
Alyson:  I like him…I think
About Dreamer.
Emma:  Ooooo what’s her power.

While all of this is happening, Reed is still being held by Agent Turner of Sentinel Services.  Turner convinces Reed to make a deal, if Turner leaves his family alone, Reed will tell him what he knows. Agent Turner tells him that he will also “get” the mutant underground. Reed is clearly conflicted by his situation but can’t seem to see past his worry about his family. This is really a lot like Danny refusing to help Caitlin and the kids because he is worried about his own family and his reputation. Turner puts a tracker on Reed and they take him to the bar where he met Marcus. Reed convinces the bartender to help him and is taken to a room where there is a scared woman and her young daughter. The reality of the wide spread result of his actions is staring him in the face. How can a little girl be in danger?  The fact is that Sentinel Services sees her as a future threat carrying the X-gene. The woman gently puts a hand on Reed and proceeds to take his pain away as he was still suffering the effects of the paralyzing shot he was hit with. Then while they are in the back of the van being taken to the rendezvous point on their way to the underground. Reed finally comes to his senses and asks the bartender to stop the van. It is too late, they are being followed by Turner. Reed decides to jump out of the moving van. When Turner catches up to him he is furious. It looks like Reed is going to be in a whole lot of trouble now. Not that he wasn’t already.

About Turner.
Emma:  What an a$$.
About the underground.
Alyson:  Does Reed know where this place is?
Emma:  No, I don’t think so.
Alyson:  Reed’s going to contact her…and she’s going to tell him where they are.
Turner calls them a terrorist organization.
Alyson:  You’re scaring the dog.
About ss guy after he sends Reed out to talk to the bartender
Alyson:  I think I hate him.
Emma:  You think you hate him, or do you hate him? Cuz I hate him.
Alyson:  I kinda hate him.
About the mom waiting to be taken to the underground with her daughter and who can take away pain
Alyson:  Oh she’s a threat! (Sarcastically)
Emma:  How is she a threat?!


Emma:  Oh my god!  It’s like the twin experiments! The Nazi twin experiments!

The doctor (Dr. Campbell)  that is involved in the Sentinel Services (SS!),  seems to have some horrifying similarities to the Nazi doctor, Dr. Josef Mengele. Mengele had a Ph.D in Anthropology and was the assistant to Dr. Otmar von Verschuer, who was a leading researcher on twins. While a doctor at Auschwitz, Mengele continued his research on twins, however through inhumane means. Part of the reasoning for the research was to find out how to engineer multiple births in order to increase the “master race.” Twins were also determined as a sort of deformity and the experiments were done to determine what was different about them. Mengele would perform experiments on one of the twins and then make comparisons with the other twin. Many times the twins would be killed in order to be dissected. Dr. Campbell seems to possibly have similar interests involving siblings who both have the mutant gene, which is why he is interested in the Strucker kids.

The Marvel stories have generally coincided with WWII, thus the Nazi comparison. We hope we are wrong about Dr. Campbell’s plans, but have a feeling we are not wrong.  


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