The Gifted – Season 1 – Ep 2 – rX – Review

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We expected to enjoy episode 2 of The Gifted, and it did not disappoint.  As we have done before, we will include some of our comments while we watched. The “rX” seems to relate to the abbreviation for prescriptions.  That the Mutants need special medicine is the obvious connection, and very important to everything that happens here, but there is a broader explanation too.  Everyone has to “take” what is coming to them for their actions, for who they are, for what they are, and for what they’ve done.

Merriam-Webster’s definition of Rx:
The “R” in “Rx” stands for the Latin word recipe, meaning “take,” and the first doctor to use “Rx” used it as a verb with the same meaning, “Rx two aspirin” being equivalent to today’s ‘Take two aspirin’

At the end of episode 1, Clarice got everyone through a portal back to the Mutant Underground base. Clarice is suffering terribly because she overused her powers opening up a portal that took them all such a distance. Her powers are going crazy and she has no control of them. Portals are opening up all over the place. Clarice needs special medications to stabilize her system. Her prescription is for medications that are not readily available.

Marcus takes Caitlyn to a medical facility to get what they need. Marcus still has the wound from being shot at the beginning of the last episode. They use that to get into the facility so that she can get in to steal the meds they need.  He begins to unwrap it but tries to warn her about it first. She tells him “I’ve seen blood”.

Alyson:  Nu-uh, you have not seen this!

Caitlyn gets a surprise when instead of red blood, a bright light shoots out of his arm.

When they are driving back to the Mutant Underground location, Marcus tells Caitlyn about how his parents kicked him out of the house when he discovered he was a mutant as a 13 year old.  

Alyson:  It’s like someone coming out of the closet to a family who won’t accept anyone who is different.  

They also talk about Mutant rights. They have them, as long as someone doesn’t call them dangerous, then all bets are off.  

In the meantime, Reed is dealing with Sentinel Services (Agent Jace Turner) after being captured. His prescription is to deal with his previous actions and his new perspective. As a parent with mutant kids, he is looking back at and questioning his actions as a lawyer.

Alyson:  Is that Reed?
Emma:  No, that’s Mr. Strucker.
Alyson:  That’s Reed.
Emma:  Oh…

The episode starts with a fun family scene of the Strucker’s bowling.  Lauren uses her powers to get all the pins down. Andy doesn’t, but I wonder if he does without realizing it.  There is a mutant girl there who doesn’t seem to have control of her powers, and there is a group of kids making fun of her.  She gets frustrated and lashes out.  Reed talks to her and her father suggesting that they leave before the police come.  He is clearly uncomfortable with the idea of persecuting mutants.

Agent Turner is on a mission to get rid of mutants.  He will stop at nothing, including accusing Reed of terrorism, taking away his rights, and bringing his mother in for questioning as an accessory.  His prescription right now is his response to his daughter’s death in a mutant incident.  

Alyson:  I wonder if it was an attack or an accident?
Emma:  It’s all personal to him.
Alyson:  It’s all revenge.
Emma:  He’s blaming all mutants for the actions of one.
Emma:  It’s like religious extremists.

Emma:  Is that how they got rid of the X-Men?  By calling them a terrorist group?
Alyson:  Interesting thought.

When Reed’s mother is being questioned.
Alyson:  His mother!!
Emma:  Are you fu****g serious?

Lorna is “taking” her prescription in prison. She is dealing with the result of her angry response to Marcus being shot. Her situation feels precarious.  As she is brought in, all the other inmates are taunting her.  She has a strange collar on her neck that keeps her from being able to use her powers.

Emma:  What does she have on her neck?
Alyson:  Maybe it controls her powers?
Alyson:  So even the prisoners make fun of them.
Emma:  How does she still have her makeup on?
Alyson:  It’s one of her powers.
Emma:  Wish I had that power.

There is a gang in the prison that is requiring Lorna to join, if not she will be beaten. She refuses and the beating begins. They know she is pregnant and purposely kick her in the stomach. 

Emma:  NO!
Alyson:  STOP!

The episode ends in a lab somewhere.  Someone named Dr. Campbell comes in asking for the person at the computer to research mutant siblings.  Then asks him to look up an incident in the 60’s in Rio de Janeiro. There is a newspaper headline saying “Mutant Terror in Rio”.  He says he wants to speak to the Sentinel Services agent in charge of their case. We are afraid that he plans to “study” Lauren and Andy.  

Did we catch all the “prescriptions”?  Let us know in the comments if we missed any.

Last comment.  No Stan Lee this episode.  🙁



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