The Legends of Tomorrow: Phone Home – Preview

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Things are getting a little spooky on The Legends of Tomorrow. The team must head back to 1988 in order to save Ray. It seems that the mistakes of their past are coming back to haunt them and it’s not in a good way. The death of Ray as a boy is in result to them breaking time. Who would have thought that it would come back to bite them in the butt? Definitely not me! Plus, there’s a new team member on board, which could make things even more interesting. I am curious to see how Zari is going to fair with being a part of the team now. Last week’s episode had Amaya convincing her to join the crew and allow her to guide her with the use of her amulet. Which is totally great, but is this going to change the dynamic of the group? Maybe, or maybe not. It could really go either way.

Looks like the legends are needing to suite up for this Halloween excursion and save a little boy from more than just over eating on the candy. Monster under the bed? Check. Really cool Costumes? Check. Someone about to mess up the time even more? Oh, I have no doubt! Do you think the team will be able to keep things together in order to save little Ray? One can only hope, but nothing is certain. Especially not on Halloween or when it comes to the Legends. “Phone Home” is sure to be filled with creeps and thrills. Make sure you tune in tomorrow night at 9/8c on The CW.


Official Synopsis

The Legends go back to 1988 to save Ray when they realize he’ll die because of their breaking time.




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