The Shannara Chronicles : Graymark – Preview

Darkness is falling on the Four Lands and no one is exempt from it. The Shannara Chronicles: Graymark, not only is there magical evil coming, but there is darkness falling among those living in the Four Lands. Last week we saw Allanon being captured by the Crimson and Will’s uncle being taken by Bandon. Will there be any form of rescue for these men? Only time will tell if all will end well for those who fight against the darkness!

Last week’s episode of The Shannara Chronicles left us with a sense of dread as many of our favorite characters suffered some sort of loss. Yet, with a new episode this week, maybe we will see some things work out. I am always the optimist! Allanon has been captured, but Will needs him in order to save his uncle. Will Mareth and Will be able to find Allanon before it’s too late? Why does General Riga want the codex so badly? So many questions and I can’t wait for the next episode in order to find out what will happen!

I am definitely loving the new characters we have been introduced to. There seems to be more to Mareth and Jax, then we know. The worry is, though, are they trying to do something for the good of everyone or are they out to cause more problems. Is Mareth really Allanon’s daughter? If so, how on earth is that even possible! Season two is off to a really great start and I personally, can’t wait to see where the rest of the season will take us. So, make sure you tune in on Wednesday at 10/9c, on Spike Tv, for an all new episode. It’ll be totally worth it!



Official Synopsis:

 General Riga puts Allanon on trial for practicing magic, and Allanon urges him to fight the true enemy instead.




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