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The Shannara Chronicles: Wraith – Preview

With things off to a very interesting start, The Shannara Chronicles: Wraith, holds a very strong promise to keep things intense. Last week’s episode enlightened us to what everyone is doing and what has happened over the past year. Now, the Four Lands is in danger once again and Will is needed to save the world.

Will has made it very clear that he is not interested in using the Elf Stones or trying to save anyone. I know he has experienced a lot of pain and loss, but so has everyone else. The Elves are still suffering and trying to rebuild. I am really hoping that we see Will get kinda angry and just let himself give in to the magic. Not so that he will be bad, but more of a bad-ass hero.

Will not looking pleased with what is in front of him. Photo Credit: Spike Press

Will not looking pleased with what is in front of him. Photo Credit: Spike Press

It looks like things are getting darker on this season of The Shannara Chronicles. Episode 2, the Wraith, is just going to be adding fuel to the fire. With a new evil lurking around, Allanon must find a way to save the Four Lands. Yet, will the druid’s powers be strong enough to face the growing powers of Bandon? I think Allanon is going to have his work cutout for him!

Eretria is on her way to find Will, but she is captured before she makes it very far. Will she be able to save herself and Lyria? Who is the mysterious Lyria and where did she come from? The answers are coming soon, but will they be the answers we are looking for? I tingle with the anticipation of what is to come!

Wraith is sure to have you sitting on the edge of your seat, biting your nails. Make sure you tune in this Wednesday at 10/9c, on Spike, to find out what new dangers await around the corner.

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