The Shannara Chronicles Season 2 Premier – Review

It’s here, ladies and gentlemen! Finally! The season 2 premier of The Shannara Chronicles kicked off last night and it was totally worth the wait. Within a few minutes of the show starting, it just pulls you in and has you begging for more. The Four Lands is once again being threatened by a new and very dangerous evil. It looks like Will, Eretria, and Allanon are being called back to help save the world. This season is bringing in some new faces to join the battle against evil which will add a different dynamic to the group.

I really enjoyed how this first episode really brought the story back together. It filled in the pieces about where everyone has been and what they are up to now. Then, it brings the story back around and starts having everyone be pulled back together. The writers of The Shannara Chronicles did a fantastic job of wrapping it up nicely and they continue to just pull us in. I can’t get enough of this show!

Well, well, looks like Will has a new look and I am digging it! Did you see those abs? Damn! Maybe this will mean that Will has grown up and won’t be such a baby in this season. Ha! Anyone else holding their breath on that? We see that Mareth, played by the talented Malese Jow, has already saved Will’s life multiple times in just this first episode. Come on Will! Let’s see you kick some ass! You are, after all, the chosen one. I am really looking forward to seeing how Will is going to handle this new threat to the Four Lands. Especially, since he is running away from his past and has no desire to save the world right now.

Will, contemplating his life. Photo Credit: SpikeTV Press Site

Will, contemplating his life. Photo Credit: SpikeTV Press Site

Okay, what the hell happened to Bandon? He has seriously gone off the deep end! He is raising a whole new evil and has his own little minions working for him. Oh, and of course they bear the mark of the snake! They are all creepy with scary snake eyes. Gives me the chills just looking at their ugly mugs! Come on, Bandon, don’t you know that good always wins? You are on the wrong side of things, my friend!

Eretria is still looking as gorgeous as ever. She was definitely a favorite from season 1 and I can tell this season will be no exception. One of the things I love about Eretria is that despite having a hard life, she has been able to find love and happiness. She can still find a glimmer of hope in the darkness. We see that she has a new love interest, but will that all change when she is reunited with Will? Is there any lingering feelings or has she completely moved on? That is a reunion that I am truly excited for! I think this season may really give us more of a look into who Eretria really is and maybe why she is so special. Plus, I just love watching her kick butt. I mean she took on a few of those ugly trolls all by herself! She’s seriously amazing!

Eretria and Lyria in the season 2 premier of The Shannara Chronicles . Photo Credit: SpikeTV Press Site

Eretria and Lyria in the season 2 premier of The Shannara Chronicles . Photo Credit: SpikeTV Press Site

Anyone else super shocked at the end of the episode? Allanon has a daughter? How the hell did that happen! This is a huge twist in the show for Allanon. I feel that his main goal has always been to save the world. How does being “daddy” fit in to his world of fighting off demons? I am also curious to find out if he knows he has a daughter or if this will be a big surprise for him as well. This father/daughter reunion is going to be quite interesting.

Now, we saw Eretria get a vision of Amberle. What does the heck does this mean? Is she going to be coming back in some way? I thought that once she became the Elcrys, she was gone for good. Yet, here she is! It really leaves it open for so many possibilities for which way the show will go. I personally hope she pops in here and there. Although, if she is back, doesn’t that mean the Elcrys is failing once again? There are so many questions and exciting things happening already! I can’t wait for the rest of the season 2 of The Shannara Chronicles.

I have been waiting for this show to start up since the end of season 1. Now that it is finally on, the anticipation for the next episode is killing me! If you love this show as much as I do, make sure you tune in every Wednesday at 10/9c, on Spike TV. The fun is just getting started!



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