The Exorcist — There but for the Grace of God, Go I — Preview

The Exorcist is back this week with an all new episode on Friday November 3rd. “There but for the Grace of God, Go I” is the 5th episode and midway point for the second season, dubbed The Next Chapter. After a shocking reveal last week that Grace isn’t seen by anyone but Andy, you can bet that this week the evil on the island will make itself quite apparent. The preview for “There but for the Grace of God, Go I” shows that Andy and his kids are all in danger from the evil that conceals itself as Grace.

Father Tomas and Marcus decide to further investigate the strange incidents that have been occurring at Andy’s foster house and on the island in general. They must race against time to find enough evidence of possession and demonic activity before it’s too late for Andy. Andy and Rose decide to take the kids for a camping trip while our demon-fighting duo complete their investigation. But that puts everyone in danger and places all of them on a collision course with the supernatural presence inhabiting the island.

We also have to worry about the larger picture and evil corruption of the Church as a whole. Father Bennett and Mouse continue with their uneasy partnership in investigating just how far the corruption goes. But that takes a treacherous turn as seriously disturbing information about the conspiracy comes to light. Don’t miss out on an all new episode of The Exorcist this Friday night! You can catch up, or watch again on the official Fox website or smart phone app. And On-Demand through your cable TV provider or on Hulu. This is the one show on television that you shouldn’t miss out on, catch up now and join in on Friday night when the episode airs!

The Exorcist airs Friday nights at 9/8 c on Fox.

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Michelle Harvey