Legends of Tomorrow: Welcome to the Jungle – preview

Another anachronism means the Legends are off to try and fix time, once again. The Legends of Tomorrow gives us more action this week on “Welcome to the Jungle”. Who wants to fight vampires when you have a telepathic gorilla controlling people! This mission looks a little darker than the previous episode, but I am sure it will be laced with plenty of humor.

With Sara being out of commission, it will be interesting to see how the team works together without their fearless leader. There may be a few more bumps than usual, but I have no doubt the Legends will get things put back in the correct order. Zari, Amaya, and Ray go undercover to try to understand more about the telepathic gorilla, Gorilla Grodd, to be exact. But this Gorilla Grodd is not to messed with, he is very powerful and has no desire to be controlled, even his name sounds impressive! The team has their work cut out for them and it will be no picnic. Will they be able to take down Gorilla Grodd? Or will the telepathic gorilla be too much for them?

Make sure you get caught up before a brand new episode of Legends of Tomorrow, tomorrow night on The CW, at 9/8c.


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