Legends of Tomorrow: Welcome to the Jungle – Review

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The Legends of Tomorrow, “Welcome to the Jungle”, took us to Vietnam where an anachronism was getting very out of hand. The team comes in contact with Gorilla Grodd, who is a little on the psychotic side and has used mind control on people to get them to do what he wants. This telepathic gorilla is creating quite the following of little minions and we aren’t sure why. Zari, Ray, and Amaya, try to figure out what his end game is, while Mick and Nate run into someone from Mick’s past.

Before the group split up, Mick was completely against going to Vietnam. It was a little curious seeing him really shut the idea down. Turns out, his dad fought in the Vietnam War and Mick was worried he would run into him. But, honestly, it’s a huge jungle, what are the odds that he would run into his dad? Slim to none, right? Wrong! Within minutes of walking in the jungle, they are surrounded by his dad and his men. We see Mick really struggle with being around his dad and trying to keep his emotions in check. Although, he is really bad at and it is obviously he just wants to hurt his dad. I was a little shocked when he told Nate that he had left his dad to burn in a fire. Talk about brutal! I knew Mick was cold and hated his dad for all the crap he put him through, but letting him burn? That is super intense.

As they work together, Mick slowly comes to some sort of understanding as to why his dad was the way he was. Not that there is any excuse for it, but I think Mick was able to except what had happen and was able to move on. He needed that moment to see what his dad had been before all the darkness over took him. When Mick said farewell to his dad, it ended with him punching him in the face. Bet that felt really good! I would have done the same!

So, we’ve got a telepathic gorilla named Grodd. He is a piece of work! Grodd is set up very nicely, in his own little kingdom in the middle of the jungle. It’s pretty impressive, if you’re into being ruled by a gorilla. Me, personally, not into that. Yet, he has brain washed and used mind control on people, to get them to stop fighting and serve him. Gorilla Grodd is not all about peace though, his big plans including starting World War 3. Yeah, not going to happen when the Legends are coming for you! Despite thwarting his plans, they are not able to send him back to where he belongs. At least the anachronism in Vietnam is gone and things are back to normal!

Jackson and Stein are still moving forward with the plan to cut their link, so that Jackson will be on his own. Stein is not as close to figuring things out, as he may have led everyone to believe, but he is not giving up! In, “Welcome to the Jungle”, Jackson gets to have a moment of where he does things on his own. He knows it’s only a matter of time before their link is separated and he has to learn to rely on himself, without Stein and their super powers.Rushing through the jungle, he has to save the President before he is blown to pieces. Jackson makes it just in time and is able to get the President to safety. Looks like Jackson will be able to stand on his own, after all!

Sara was put out of commission since their last mission and it was really different not having her take the lead. I thought things would go really wrong without her to help keep the Legends in check, but it actually went pretty well! I think the team is so close, that they can work together in any situation. Plus, if they screw things up really bad, Sara would probably kick their butts!  Thankfully she is back up and ready to get back to work because the big, bad Damien Darhke has just recruited another member to his team. Yep, Gorilla Grodd was recruited to join Damien and his gang of miscreants. Can someone please, just put him down already! He’s starting to get on my nerves.

Legends of Tomorrow was fantastic and I look forward to the next anachronism they chase down. Will another member of the team have to deal with their daddy issues? Or perhaps deal with the fact that their granddaughter is working with a very bad man? Whatever comes next, the Legends will be ready!


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