The Legends of Tomorrow: Helen Hunt – Preview

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The Legends of Tomorrow has been dropping hints at separating Jackson and Martin for a little while now. Last episode, Jackson went to Ray, asking him for help in separating the two. Firestorm has been a huge part of the show and the two make a really great team. Yet, we can understand why Jackson feels that it is time to split ways. Martin’s daughter just had her first child, making him a grandpa. Of course, his desire would be to be home with them and watch his granddaughter grow up. Jackson has such a huge heart for wanting to split Firestorm up, in order to allow Martin to be home with his family.

Things do not go as planned with one of Ray’s trials to separate the two. We get to see a Freaky Friday situation, and let’s be honest, it is going to be hilarious. Especially, since the team must head to the 1930’s in order to stop Helen Hunt, who has decided to create war between two film studios. Oh, what fun this shall be! Body switching, evil forces at work, and Helen Hunt trying to destroy lives. What could possibly go wrong? I think we should find out, don’t you?

This Tuesday, The Legends of Tomorrow: “Helen Hunt”, will be taking us on another wild ride through time. So, tune in on The CW at 9/8c and get ready for an episode full of fun and adventure!

Official Synopsis:

The Legends track down an anachronism in 1930s Hollywood, where Helen of Troy has started a war between two film studios.




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